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Dear FEASTers,

If Story is a gift that keeps on giving, I want to express my gratitude for two very special gifts that I received in the past month. 

The first was the Korean International Storytelling Festival which culminated in a most gregarious gathering sharing tales of hope with a mix of both Korean and international tellers from around the world.  It was uplifting to be a part of it, to hear the stories and messages from friends far and near, old and yet to be formed. 

It is a huge credit to the leadership and vision of Alicia Dongjoo Bang and the team she has assembled.  Despite the challenges the pandemic has created, the KISF adapted and, like its iconic story, has bloomed in the new garden of the internet.  While the global audience may be familiar with its K-pop, the Korean storytelling community has remained largely unknown due to language and a lack of opportunity. KISF is charismatically changing that, bringing the world to Korea, and enabling local tellers to interact with experienced international tellers and they in turn have found much to admire in this close-knit community that celebrates its strong cultural heritage while seeking to engage with the modern world.

We are delighted that KISF has renewed its institutional membership of FEAST as we feel it embodies much of what matters to us in FEAST – a willingness to share stories and expertise and to build bridges between different communities. We look forward to KISF’s 2021 celebration, confident that with Alicia’s dedicated guidance it will continue to flourish.

The second gift was Csenge (say Cheng-a) Zalka’s webinar on research which drew rave reviews from so many of us who were fortunate to catch it live. Have you ever found yourself wanting to find a story – maybe you heard someone tell it, or talk about it (‘the wolf with wings’ is one that Csenge tantalized us with!), or you’ve been tasked to tell tales about a topic (‘gardening’ was another) or a particular motif (stepmothers) – but you don’t know where to start? So you try to search Google and it throws up 727,988 suggestions and there’s nothing in the first 20 pages that seems even remotely relevant?

If you, like me, have been there and been frustrated much, then you will find her presentation a revelation - full of precise practical tips that I’m sure will make anyone who applies them a far more successful searcher (or researcher) of stories. If you didn't register - treat yourself! (you deserve a gift too this Christmas!) 

Finally, if you are wondering why I am hogging the Director's podium again this month, it is only because Sheila is celebrating her ruby wedding this week and she deserves - or rather Phil, her husband deserves - the gift of her time without being distracted by Directorial duties!

Warm Regards,

Roger Jenkins

Director, Federation of Asian Storytellers

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Storytellers' Introspection

An update from the FEAST India Chapter

Ramya Iyer

This September, the FEAST special interest group - FEAST India Chapter  met and continued exploration, an exploration of a deep question - Who is a storyteller?    Archana Chandel and I had the joyous privilege of holding space for this gathering, for which we feel very grateful.

It began when members generously accepted the invitation to  an inward journey. Everyone participated in a mindful visualization. 

This inward journey took them to, 

  • a place of quiet and calm
  • a place of nature – clear blue sky, tall green trees and the calm water of the lake, flowers, and birds, the breeze and the sounds
  • a place of quiet reflectionand warm conversation
  •  a meeting and conversation with the storyteller.

Read more here

Ghost Stories Story Swap

I guess our members are excited about all things scary this season. The most popular theme that topped the poll this month was "Ghost Stories".

The timing couldn't have been better. Will Halloween just around the corner we invite you to this FREE Story Swap.

Note :You may register  for just the recording.

Do you have suggestion for future story swap themes or webinars ? Write to us at feaststory@gmail.com

Parent Child Story Swap

FEAST celebrates World Childrens Day  !  An extra special story swap on November  19th. We will be featuring parent-child storytelling duos. If your child is above 8+ do Apply.No upper age limit :)

Register here.


Curating Meethi Boliyan -

the Indo Pak Storytelling Festival

 Rituparna Ghosh

“I boycott your festival! How can you collaborate with Pakistan?” came an angry response to my message.  

I took a deep breath, smiled, and replied, “Thank you for your response. Like the way I don’t  question your boycotting, I don’t see why I have to justify my reasons for  participating in an Indo-Pak Festival.” 

Two days before the festival, I sent out messages in my network inviting them to Meethi  Boliyaan, Indo - Pak Storytelling Festival. Over the years, I have built a network of  storytellers in the country, those who I have worked with directly or known through their  work. I have an equally large network of people who are on the fringes of storytelling,  desiring to learn the craft. These are people (mostly women) who have reached out at  some point in time to learn storytelling from me. I don’t believe in spamming. I  am too slow for WhatsApp Marketing of any event!! I always forget. But this time, I had  drafted messages, attached links, etc for social media way in advance. Usually, my messages are either ignored or responded to with an emoticon.   Read more here

Congratulations KISF

(Korea International Storytelling Festival)

We cant wait to hear your story ! Look forward to the story of how KISF's online event happened.


Shared by a FEAST supporter

Csenge Zalka

Originally Published in Csenge's blog - The Multicoloured Diary 

Today I taught my storytelling research workshop (Down the Rabbit Hole: The How and Why of Researching Stories) as part of the FEAST webinar series. I had a lovely group of people attending from around the globe, and a wonderful team helping me run the workshop (thanks to Sheila Wee, Roger Jenkins, and Krupa Vinayagamoorthy!).

As usual, there were a lot of questions, and I did not have time to answer all of them. Luckily, people typed them into the chat, so now I can go back and address the ones I've missed.

Read more here.

Shared from NSN ( National Storytelling Network)' website
For Young Storyteller Members ONLY

J.J. Reneaux Mentorship Award Deadline

The deadline for the J.J. Reneaux Mentorship Award is looming! Applications will only be accepted until October 26th at midnight Central time.

Are you - or do you know - a talented younger storyteller who could benefit from a year's work with an experienced professional mentor?

If so, NSN wants you to know they are now accepting applications for the 2021 J.J. Reneaux Mentorship Award - a grant that provides $1,250 to enable a year's work between a storytelling mentor and a gifted younger teller (18-30 years old).

Check out the grant description and application instructions at https://storynet.org/about-nsn/awards/jj-reneaux-award/mentorship-award/.

DEADLINE for applications: MIDNIGHT (CENTRAL time), OCTOBER 26, 2020.

Please share this announcement far and wide! Applicants need not be current members of NSN.

For more information, email Jo Radner at jradner@american.edu.


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