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What is FEAST ?

The Federation of Asian Storytellers was set up by a group of experienced storytellers with a vision of promoting the art of storytelling in Asia.  It was officially launched in Chennai on 24 August 2018.   Through the work of the Federation, we want to create more opportunities for tellers to perform , internationally and inter-culturally, by organising Festivals, performances and teller exchanges.

We also want to share our skills and encourage FEAST's members to learn from one another, as we have learned from each other while performing together in Festivals over more than a decade.  We want to celebrate Asian stories and the many ways in which we make these tales connect with our audiences.

Through the work of FEAST we hope to develop new audiences and a new generation of storytellers.  We look forward to welcoming you to the FEAST - either as a chef (our tellers!) or as someone hungry to be fed (our audience).

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Our webinar programme has been one of the reasons for the FEAST success story. Participants have found them practical. Informative and appropriate for a group of motivated and relatively experienced storytellers. We are keen to continue to sustain the programme and to encourage more members to participate in them on a regular basis

Currently you purchase a webinar one by one. The downside for FEAST is

a)    Heavy commission charges – of your $5 webinar fee we receive only $4.30 – that’s a 14% loss, due to the flat rate fee charged + commission.

b)    A book-keeping headache with 60+ monthly micro-transactions to reconcile

To address these two issues, we are launching a WEBINAR PACKAGE PLAN.

May be an image of Wajuppa Tossa and text that says "IN MEMORY OF FEAST FOUNDER MEMBER Dr Wajuppa Tossa Small in stature and softly spoken, you lit the stage with your charm and gentle humour. A calm presence A wise mind A kind and loving heart A great sense of humour. Your stories rich with the wit and wisdom of the Thai and Lao peoples. We will miss you deeply but we will smile and tell your tales, grateful caretakers of your legacy. FOIER रहT As you respected your teachers, so we will love you and remember. FEAST"


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