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Welcome to Our World of Stories

Our 2nd  Annual


When:  22 & 23 November 2019

Full details of the two-day conference, including 2 keynotes and 14 informative and highly practical workshops offered by our facilitators are now available

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Keynote  Speakers:

Sue Hollingsworth (UK) 

Fran Stallings (USA)

Workshop Facilitators:

Sue Hollingsworth (UK) 

Fran Stallings (USA)

Giovanna Conforto (Italy)          

Jeeva Raghunath (India)     

Sheila Wee (Singapore) 

Jackie Kerin (Australia)   

Anna Manuel (Philippines/Thailand) 

Juriah Atan (Singapore)

Shalni Doshi  (Singapore) 

Sowmya Rajan Srinivasan (India) 

Kiran Shah (Singapore/Australia)

Ambujavalli Nagarajan (India)   

Priti Modylyer (India/Singapore)

Jackie Kerin (Australia) 

Anna Manuel (Philippines/Thailand)  

Roger Jenkins (Singapore) 

Sowmya  Rajan Srinivasan (India) 

The FEAST Storytellers' Conference
is held in conjunction 
with the
Bengaluru Storytelling Festival 24 Nov 2019


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What is FEAST?

The Federation of Asian Storytellers was set up by a group of experienced storytellers with a vision of promoting the art of storytelling in Asia.  It was officially launched in Chennai on 24 August 2018.   Through the work of the Federation, we want to create more opportunities for tellers to perform , internationally and inter-culturally, by organising Festivals, performances and teller exchanges.

We also want to share our skills and encourage FEAST's members to learn from one another, as we have learned from each other while performing together in Festivals over more than a decade.  We want to celebrate Asian stories and the many ways in which we make these tales connect with our audiences.

Through the work of FEAST we hope to develop new audiences and a new generation of storytellers.  We look forward to welcoming you to the FEAST - either as a chef (our tellers!) or as someone hungry to be fed (our audience).

Learn about our Objectives 

Why Join FEAST?

Access regular webinars  that offer  you the chance to learn from experienced tellers as they share ideas on different aspects of storytelling.

The annual conference is a chance to meet fellow tellers, take part in practical workshops and see/hear lots of storytellers in action. The conference will be held in a different Asian city each year.

FEAST was set up by the directors of storytelling festivals in Bangkok, Chennai, Jakarta, Kuching, Seoul and Singapore, so if you tell a story at the Conference . . . you may be talent-spotted!

Professional members, have your own page which can introduce you to people looking for a storyteller outside of your usual contacts.

Enjoy our catalogue of stories told and recorded by our members - and  not only in English, too!  (The full catalogue will  only be accessible to members.) Over time it will become a fascinating and invaluable resource.

Looking for a story? Or a story on a theme? Or for a particular age-group? Or occasion?  Submit your storytelling questions to our Forum and tap on the shared wisdom of like-minded people.

Become a Member

If you like to tell Asian stories, come join the FEAST! 

Meet other storytellers who not only share your passion but who are willing to share their skills and stories. 

Who knows what opportunities you might discover or create?   You'll certainly hear a lot of stories which you can think of adapting and adding to your telling repertoire! 

We have six kinds of membership: which one suits you?

  • Professional
  • Community
  • Young Storyteller (you must be under 30 years old) 
  • Institutional
  • Institutional: Story Festival
  • Non-Resident in Asia        

Note we have a special price for new members joining and Registering for the Conference at the same time.  There are also discounted two and three-year subscription plans that offer you the security of renewal at current membership rates.


If you do, then you should consider sending an audio recording  to Shanthini Venugopal who runs the Storytime blog

Every week she broadcasts two or three tellers in an entertaining mix of story and song.  Feast members including Sheila Wee, Kiran Shah, Banu Mathy, Sowmya Srinivasan, Jackie Kerin and Roger Jenkins have all shared stories on this exciting platform.  

Shanthini will listen to submissions from anyone with a story to share - you don't have to be an experienced professional, and several children have already been featured.

The important thing is to make a good audio recording. Avoid being in a noisy environment and a room with lots of echo (a bedrooom is often a good space as its soft furnishings absorb echoes). A simple sound editing software (such as Audacity, which is free) will enable you to remove unwanted ums and ers, pauses or mistakes:  if you stumble when recording, simply pause and then restart the sentence.  When you replay it in Audacity, the sections to snip out become very obvious and it's simply a question of highlighting the offending seconds and click the scissor icon! Short (4 - 8 minutes) is always good, with 10 minutes absolute max length. 

Send your recording to Shanthini 



FEAST's second collection of stories will be launched at the Conference in November

Royals Wise and Otherwise is a collection of Asian folktales on the theme of royalty, with 24 of our members sharing one of their favourite tales on the theme. 

Kings and Khans, Emperors and Empress Dowagers, Maharajahs and Sultans, Chieftains and Feudal Lords, have a long history with the peoples of Asia. Some are revered and remembered with respect, while others live on in stories of their infamy.

These stories reflect our mixed feelings about those who, through accident of birth, find themselves wielding great power over the rest of us. You will find rulers who are determined to do right, no matter how difficult it may be, as well as those who only desire to do right for themselves.

The tellers also offer tips or cultural information to help you bring these stories to life when you tell them to your audiences! There are suggestions on vocal intonation, characterisation, gestures and mime to dramatise specific moments. If you like to incorporate audience participation, the tellers often highlight when and how they themselves seek responses when they perform their story.

Each story is accompanied by a lovely full colour gouache illustration by UMA KRISHNASWAMY - the one on the left is for the telling by Lynne Kirk (Hong Kong) of the Chinese tale of The Heavenly Weaver .

You can pre-order the book when you register for the Conference and get a 30% discount on the regular price.




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