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30 APRIL 2022

What is an 'olio'?

An olio is a performance that features a combination, or medley, of tellers – the word derives from olla, a savory medley dish of Iberian origin (how appropriate – a feast word that first appeared in English in the 1640s!)

Why have we launched the Olio initiative?

Collaboration is a key focus for FEAST this year, to build on the experience of the FEST. We hope the Olios' will foster a team ethic among different tellers, reaching out beyond their own local or national circle of friends. Bearing this in mind, please be considerate of other members in your team. Since the initiative is designed to showcase more members, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that any one member will be selected to appear in more than one olio.

OLIOs are a new initiative for FEAST in 2022 with three scheduled for :

OLIO - Kids - 28th June (team decided)

OLIO - Multilingual (MTL) - 16th November

OLIO - Adults - 21st December

Deadline to submit proposalsfor MTL and Adults:

30 April 2022.

Any FEAST member who wishes to submit an OLIO proposal for consideration needs to have attended the webinar (either by registering for it live or viewing the archive recording) as will all tellers in the selected teams.

During the Webinar Panel Discussion, the Panel addressed: 

·    selecting the tellers for your olio

·    deciding on the stories you are going to tell

·    sequencing your programme

·    matters specific for kids, adult or multilingual olio

You may purchase the recording by following these steps

  • Go into your member profile (top right corner of page)
  • Choose Additional Charges ( under the payments section)
  • Choose - Adhoc member webinar ($5)
  • Make the payment and send a screenshot to

Paying Additional ChargesStep 2- paying adhic charges

Selected proposals will be announced by 15th May If the proposal is not selected, FEAST encourages you to host ur own olio.


For queries, please write to

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