FROM FOLKTALE TO PRINT: A Discussion with the Folklorist, Librarian and Storyteller, Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald

  • 29 Apr 2020
  • 12:00 - 13:30
  • Online


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A Discussion with the Folklorist, Librarian and Storyteller, Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald

The webinar will discuss verifying that your tale is a folktale, avoiding plagiarism, seeking permissions, and shaping a tale from your repertoire for publication.

We think this webinar is so important that we would like every member of FEAST to view it. Therefore we are breaking with tradition and making it a FREE session. Note that you don’t have to watch it live: once you register, you are guaranteed to receive the link to the recording of the session, so you can view it later in the comfort and convenience of your own lockdown!

Many of us at FEAST have benefitted from Margret’s workshops and probably have at least one (if not several!) of her stories, or collections of stories, either physically on our shelf or embedded in our repertoire.

So why do we think this webinar will be of great benefit to anyone who is looking for new tales to add to their repertoire, or who harbours hopes of publishing their own version of a folktale in the future? (Eg in the 2021 Feast anthology of Asian folktales and beyond!)

The issues Margaret will address are critical for anyone aiming to be, or professing to be, a professional teller. The internet is notoriously unreliable, and just because one site says a story is say, a folktale from Cambodia, how can you verify that and make sure it is not, for example, an original story written in the style of a folktale?

Being aware of a story’s origins is particularly important when it comes to publishing, and I’m sure no one among us wants to be perceived as having plagiarised someone else’s version. Margaret uses examples to demonstrate how you can shape your tale to make it distinctively your own. 

About Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald 

Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald is known for her easy-to-tell folktale retellings.   MacDonald, a Ph.D. in Folklore and retired Children’s Librarian,  is author of over 66 books on folklore and storytelling topics.   

 To  find out more about her go to

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