Call to Members for the Submission of Stories for FEAST's 2020 Asian Folktale Book

  • 1 Feb 2020
  • 15 Mar 2020

 Dear Fellow FEAST members,

 Thank you for your interest to share a folktale for the FEAST Folktale   Book 2020.

 For 2020, our theme is ANIMALS. Our target audiences are teachers,   parents, storytellers and anyone interested in Asian folktales.

  • Each story will be no more than-6 pages in length, including Teller’s Tips, cultural details (if any) and extension activities (see below).

  • FEAST will be the publisher of the book.

  • As well as hard copy publication the book may be later made available as a soft copy on our FEAST website shop 

  • There will be an illustration for each story.

  • We are yet to finalize an editor for the book.

 Tellers who wish to submit, please read this carefully:


  • It must be an Asian folktale related to Animals, not a literary tale. It should be written in a tellable style.

  • It must be a tale that you’ve already told. 

  • Please check your story sources to make sure you have not accidental plagiarised from them. 

  • The story submission must include Teller’s Tips and if appropriate some suggestions on extension activities to be used at home or the classroom. 

  • A limit of 2 stories person related to animals can be submitted per member. 

  • Please submit in double spaced format in Calibri font size 11.

  • Please include source/s to your story and any relevant cultural details.

  • There will be no payment given for stories that are published, but all authors will be acknowledged and receive a copy of the book. 

  • This call is open to FEAST members only. While we will aim to preserve the tone/voice of each teller, the team may have to do some editing. The team also reserves the right not to publish your submissions. (E.g. if we have two tales that are similar, too much editing to do, too many from one country etc.). 

  • Once accepted, stories may not be withdrawn

You may apply here : FEAST Annual Book - Story Submission


 Warm wishes,


 Sheila Wee

 Director, Asian Federation of Storytellers

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