Open Call for Workshop Submissions - MEMBERS

  • 1 Feb 2020
  • 15 Mar 2020

Dear Members

This is an open call for WORKSHOP PROPOSALS for the 3rd Storytellers’ Conference (Jakarta, 2-3 November 2020).

We are planning for two workshop time-slots per day, with 3 or 4 workshops offered at each time-slot, meaning that we will need to programme between 12 – 16 workshops for the entire Conference.  We expect each workshop will last 2-hours and should accommodate up to 40 people.

In drafting your proposal, please bear in mind the following:

  • 1)     Our Conference participants are relatively experienced storytellers. They may not be full-time professionals, but the vast majority are frequent and dedicated tellers.  As such, they are not looking for introductory or general courses on, say, ‘the benefits of telling’, or ‘telling in schools’. Be specific if you are looking at an aspect of telling as a strategy – the purpose, the age group, the modes of delivery, assessment, etc.

  • 2)     Our members appreciate practical sessions. Some theory is fine, but the rave feedback is overwhelmingly for sessions in which participants were able to practice new skills. We are not looking for academic papers!  Workshops which focus on techniques which are outside the regular repertoire of many tellers – e.g. stories told with string, drawing, kamishibai, tangrams, shadow puppets - can be considered more introductory, but the emphasis should be on giving participants techniques they can take away and implement in their own practice.  Be generous with your resources too: if you share a story, be prepared to allow participants to record your performance (though of course you can insist this is only for their personal use and is not to be shared on any social media). 

  • 3)     We expect facilitators to be experienced in the field they are proposing. If you want to do a session on telling in women’s prisons, please let us know where/when/what you have done in female correctional facilities.

  • 4)     Your outline should also contain some description of how you will conduct the session: for example, does it feature demonstration, incorporate PowerPoint slides, involve pair or small-group work, and what is the nature of the hands-on participation or physical activity etc.

  • 5)     Since neither the FEAST Directors nor the Jakarta Conference organisers may have had the pleasure of attending one of your workshops, we ask for references (an email address) so that we many contact people who have experienced you in action.  We are interested to know about your experience/skill level and the manner in which you deliver your sessions.

Two areas that we hope might be included in the Jakarta programme:

  • i)                    Interpreting Ramayana and Mahabharata in S. E Asia: these stories have spread far beyond India and are popular, for example, in Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia. It would be an opportunity for two or more tellers to combine and share their various approaches. Indeed, collaborations between tellers can work very wellShalni Joshi and Juriah Atan (Telling with Seniors) and Jackie Kerin and Anna Manuel (Kamishibai and Almost Naked Storytelling) were two splendid examples where the dynamic of two contrasting co-presenters was very effective. 

  • ii)                  As FEAST visits a predominantly Islamic country for the first time, we hope to hear some stories from the Islamic world (Nasreddin Hodja etc).  Also, in the same way that Ambujavalli Nagarajan shared something of Indian cultural elements in Bangalore to help enrich our sharing of Indian folklore, I hope that our visit to Java will enhance participants’ awareness of Islamic culture, Javanese, and other cultures in Indonesia.

Finally, in making our selections, we juggle the following concerns:

  • a)      A desire to offer a diverse and challenging menu of choices that will, in totality, offer Conference registrants a set of rewarding and enriching experiences;

  • b)     A need to balance the Asianness of FEAST with the experience of international tellers;

  • c)      FEAST fans, who have attended previous Conferences, are keen to learn from new facilitators on different topics, while at the same time some facilitators have an appeal which warrants their return (albeit with a different workshop topic.)   


If you know of a teller who you think would be a good person to forward a proposal but who is not currently a member of FEAST, please encourage them to consider submitting their idea. They can address the membership issue subsequently.  Note that, as a token of appreciation, FEAST offers complimentary Conference Registration and an Invitation to the Welcome Dinner for all Workshop presenters, but that travel and accommodation is the responsibility of the individual.


We look forward to receiving proposals.

2020 Conference Applications

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