Once Upon a Lifetime - by Sue Hollingsworth

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Many people would love to be able to tell a story from their lives to share with family, friends, colleagues or a public audience. But where to begin? And how can you be sure it will be of interest to your listeners? Here is an opportunity to begin to playfully and deeply explore the world of personal storytelling and discover whether there are particular skills needed to craft this type of story. This introduction is suitable for absolute beginners and those with experience of telling traditional stories. Sue Hollingsworth has been telling stories since 1995 and is the co-author of the best selling book, The Storyteller's Way. After working at the School of Storytelling in the UK for many years, she now heads up the Centre for Biographical Storytelling. As a teacher, performer, coach and mentor, she works all over the world and is particularly interested in personal storytelling.

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