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Country of Residence
City/Town of Residence
Preferred Audience
  • Preschool
  • Primary
  • Teenage
  • Adult
  • Seniors
  • Special Needs
  • Corporate/Organisation
Preferred Audience Size
  • Up to 1000
Languages I tell in
English, American Sign
My first paid performance was in (year)
Performing Experience
Founded the 398.2 Storytelling Festival (Singapore) 2015 - to present
1998: began storytelling as a trainer for Ministry of Education
2001: first appearance in Asian Congress of Storytellers, which became the Singapore International Storytelling Festival, at which I performed annually until 2009.
I regularly perform with a deaf partner, voicing him and signing my own speech. I have told in tandem, scripting the tales with partners who spoke Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Tamil.
I regularly perform in pre-school, primary and secondary schools to audiences of up to 700.
Storytelling cv
International Experience
Penang Int'l kids Storytelling Festival - 5 times, including 2018
Kuching (Sarawak) Children's Festival (2018)
Under the Alamaram Story Festival, Chennai (India) 2015/2018
Bangkok Storytelling Festival 2017/2018
Sigana Storytelling Festival, Nairobi/Kenya (2015)
Hong Kong Storytelling Festival 2014 (and Pearson Story Festival in Hong Kong 2007/8/9)
Kanoon In'tl Storytelling Festival (Tabriz, Iran 2013) - BEST STORYTELLER AWARD
Hong Kong Education Dept: DVD and Storytelling resource materials for preschool teachers
Bahrain Arts Festival 2008
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007
My Style
I began as a drama teacher, did a lot of comedy improvisation (founding Singapore's first professional improv company) so comedy, improv plus lots of audience interaction - along with a theatrical voice - are key to who I am. I’m a prize-winning poet, so rhythm and the musicality of words are important to me too!
My Repertoire
  • Asian folktales
  • World stories
  • Personal Stories
  • Myths & legends
  • Historical stories
  • Biographical stories
Area(s) of Focus
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Heritage
  • Organisational
  • Peace
3 favourite workshops that I conduct
1) Storytelling as a Strategy in the Classroom (I tailor this to suit preschool, primary or secondary teachers)
2) Not Just At Bedtime: a workshop for parents designed to develop their confidence in telling stories effectively and more engagingly. It complements my video of the same name
3) Make Me A Storyteller: a hands-on session tailored to suit the participants covering key elements of the craft of telling
My corporate/organisational workshops usually focus on using storytelling to foster teamwork, excellence or manage change, as well as to develop a storytelling culture within the organisation.
Publicity Headshot
Photo 2: You Telling
Photo 3: You Telling
3 Video Links
How to become a Dragon:
The Tailor's Jacket - a participation story to open the Sigana story Festival, Nairobi 2015
The Bear Hunt (to university students in Thailand!)

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