Our Founders

The Mission and Objectives of the Federation of Asian Storytellers were developed by a group of storytellers from seven countries who met in Bangkok in January 2018. Having performed together at many festivals, and with their experience of organising storytelling celebrations, they were keen to create an organisation to broaden the appeal and recognition of storytelling in Asia. 

INDIA Jeeva Raghunath - Director, Under the Alamaraam Storytelling Festival – Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Karnataka

 INDONESIA  Mochamad Ariyo Faridh Zidni Director, Indonesia International Storytelling Festival and leader of Indonesia Storytelling movement Ayo Dongeng Indonesia.

MALAYSIA  Ng Kok Keong - Director, Buddhist Storytelling Festival

Tay Yit Ping - Organiser, IKA International Storytelling Tour, Sarawak

 PHILIPPINES   Richard Dian Vilar - Director, Kaliwat Performing Arts Collective

 SINGAPORE  Roger Jenkins - Director, 398.2 Storytelling Festival

Sheila Wee - Director, 398.2 Storytelling Festival

 SOUTH KOREA Alicia Dongjoo Bang -  Director of KISF (Korea International Storytelling Festival) and Founder of Story School

Lim Jeong Jin - A
uthor and storyteller

 THAILAND  Dr Wajuppa Tossa -  Founder and organiser of the Thailand International Storytelling Festival
Suwannee Girdchirn - Founder of We Storyteller - Storytelling House (Bangkok)
Dr Prasong Saihong - Lecturer in the faculty of education at  Mahasarakham University and a storyteller  
Dr Jongkit Wongpinit - English lecturer at Surindra Rajabhat University 
REPRESENTATIVE FOR EUROPE Giovanna Conforto - Director of the Italian Storytelling Centre, Italy, and a teacher at the School of Storytelling at Emerson College, UK.


Kiran Shah - A a pioneering Singaporean storyteller, who is now based in both Australia and Singpore.

The Federation of Asian Storytellers Ltd is a non-profit company established in Singapore in June 2018.

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