The Tight Spot !

  • 23 Mar 2020 12:54
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    Sheila Wee (Administrator)

    My  most memorable tight spot  happened about  15 or so years ago  was when I was telling  the story of Chang Er for the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration at Singapore's  National Arts  Centre, The Esplanade.  It was a story I knew well and  I made the foolish mistake of taking my mind out of the story  for a moment to anticipate a laugh  that  I knew I would get in a certain part that was coming up.   My mind suddenly went completely  blank  and  I could not for the life of me remember what  happened next in the story.  I panicked, but kept on talking; my mind  churning out sentences to describe the landscape.  I looked  around for my fellow storyteller  Kiran  Shah, thinking that she could throw me a lifeline. But unfortunately she had  chosen that moment to go  for a toilet break.  I tried hard to remember,  but I  couldn't, and in a state of great  panic I made the ultimate get-out plan.  If I didn't remember what came  next soon, I would pretend to  faint. That drastic plan saved me, because once  I had made it , my body and mind were able to relax a little and into my mind popped the next bit of the story.  

    I learned a lot from this experience. One lesson was never to let your ego in when you are telling a story. Keep focused on the story and the audience. Another was that  if you forget  where you are going in a story you  usually just need to relax and it will come back.   Better than planning to faint, I later learnt a technique from the US storyteller Kendall Haven. He taught me  that, if you forget  you should  look at your audience,  smile and breathe slowly and deeply.  By the time you have looked at  the entire audience,  smiling and breathing , you would have relaxed enough for the next part of the story to pop back into  your mind. 

  • 28 Jan 2020 19:15
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    Krupa Vinayagamoorthy (Administrator)

    Describe the most embaressing/nerve wrecking  moment  as a storyteller .

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