What's your most memorable location or occasion to tell a story?

  • 13 May 2020 23:22
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    Veena Seethepalli (Administrator)

    Most memorable location: At a family party, near the swimming club in condominium

    Why: My 60th birthday..surprise party. ( thank goodness they did'nt push me into the pool, all dressed up!) That would be another story.

    How many: 20 adults cousins, 10 √°dult children ( I was nervous, lest I say ONE wrong line)

    Story: They had made a huge flex poster with a large world map in centre and family photos at the corners. I had to throw a huge dice ...walk around and tell a story from any one country ( blessed to have visited few) .

    Then we all ended up with each one's travel tales. What a collection!

  • 21 May 2018 10:23
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    roger jenkins (Administrator)

     In 2015 I organised a series of sessions to celebrate CLEAN WATER DAY and I told at both a Reservoir and a Wetlands. It was hot and sweaty work (so I wasn't clean!) but both settings - one open and serene, the other intimate and intensely colourful, rich in birdsong - were both delightful settings. 

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