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Fearless Storytelling By Sarah Chalmers
Fearless Storytelling By Sarah Chalmers
Digital Product
SGD$ 15.00   

Conquer Stage Fright Once and For All

Embark on a transformative journey for professional storytellers, exclusively designed to free you from the clutches of stage fright.

This isn't your typical breathing and meditation session. Brace yourself for a dynamic night of discovery and exploration led by a recognised expert in the field.

Immerse yourself in targeted kinetic exercises deeply rooted in the science of Meridian Energy Therapies (M.E.T.). These advanced techniques quickly provide accessible solutions to conquer stage fright and also amplify your focus, versatility, and charisma on stage. Talk about multiple bonuses!

Don't miss this exclusive one-night chance to revolutionise your stage presence. Secure your spot now to enhance your storytelling with magnetic confidence and refine your performance skills like never before. 

About Sarah Chalmers: With over 25 years of professional training and experience, Sarah Chalmers is a distinguished voice and performance coach. Renowned for her troubleshooting expertise and non-invasive techniques to alleviate performance anxiety, Sarah supports actors, singers, musicians, and performing artists in the film/TV/acting industry.

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