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Elemental Storytelling
Elemental Storytelling
Digital Product
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using Earth, Fire, Air, Water, in your stories.

Join Anna Jarett in an upbeat, practical workshop which explores the many ways we can tap into and embody the elements and elemental energies within stories, to bring life to every story. Working with a wholistic approach to the oral art of crafting and telling stories, Anna will guide you through a journey that brings the four elements into your unique storytelling style and performance presence.

 Anna Jarrett is a professional storyteller, conservation educator, writer, traveller and outdoor guide. For 35 years she has worked around the world with storytellers and artists from many lands. Anna is a passionate advocate for nature connection, birdwatching and wild walking as a way of finding our place within the natural landscape. to find out more please take a look at her profile on LinkedIn:

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