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Nurturing Storytellers as they Grow David Heathfie
Nurturing Storytellers as they Grow David Heathfie
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Practical, inclusive, interactive, this workshop by David shares a nourishing selection of short & simple activities, story learning methods & longer project ideas which we can use to support children, teenagers & adults as they grow as storytellers

As people who nurture storytellers, our focus from the outset can be on playfulness, encouraging people to respond creatively to storytelling so that they notice and pay attention to what touches them. Then, once people are open & engaged, they are ready to start retelling simple tales moving from imitation to innovation as the story becomes their own. We can guide each person towards discovering which of the many story-learning strategies work well for them. Supporting storytellers as they grow may involve encouraging them to find, prepare & try out different kinds of stories for themselves. They learn to tell stories that they wish to share with their listeners. Everyone develops in a unique way so, in order to nurture storytellers, we can allow space for self-discovery, self-reflection and self-directed coaching.

People from all backgrounds and of all ages can grow in resilience and self-esteem as they become storytellers. Storytelling can humanise these challenging times of change.Participants are given the opportunity to reflect on ways of developing other people's confidence &competence as storytellers. Respond creatively to & retell a folk story told by David & share your own experience of developing yourselves & others as storytellers. Participants also have opportunities to be creative, to be playful, to rehearse and to perform as they learn, and all this within a supportive, confidence-building framework.

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