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Make It Your Own by Sherry and Bobby Norfolk
Make It Your Own by Sherry and Bobby Norfolk
Digital Product
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MAKE IT YOUR OWN: A Crash Course In Developing Your Own Storytelling Perspective by Sherry Norfolk and Bobby Norfolk

Storytelling isn’t just learning some words and reciting them in the correct order; it isn’t just public speaking or lecturing or acting. It’s MAGIC! Each storyteller must develop his/her own personal style and perspective in order to discover the joy of storytelling!

In this highly interactive webinar, we’ll explore how to create three-dimensional characters, bring action to vivid life and reconstruct the story using the Storyteller’s Toolbox: Imagination, Voice, Body Language and Sound effects.

To find out more about Bobby Norfolk, please visit his website :

To find out more about Sherry Norfolk, please visit her website:

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