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OLIO 101 Panel Discussion
OLIO 101 Panel Discussion
Digital Product
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Panellists: Kiran Shah, Sheila Wee, Roger Jenkins and

Mabel Lee (Co-Director of the 398/2 storytelling Festival

Host: Priti Modyiyer

OLIOs are a new initiative for FEAST in 2022 with three scheduled for June (for Kids) November (multi-lingual) and December (for Adults). This webinar addresses the process of creating a showcase featuring multiple tellers.

What is an ‘olio’?

An olio is a performance that features a combination, or medley, of tellers – the word derives from olla, a savory medley dish of Iberian origin (how appropriate – a feast word that first appeared in English in the 1640’s!)

Why have we launched the Olio initiative?

·      Collaboration is a key focus for FEAST this year, to build on the experience of the FEST. The Panel will share their experience in fostering a team ethic among different olio tellers, reaching our beyond their own local or national circle of friends.

·      To give members the opportunity to curate their own show. There were plenty of excellent olio examples in the FEST and we are keen to continue encouraging members to develop their skill

·      The olios celebrate the three different streams highlighted by the FEST and keeps multilingual/mother tongue telling firmly in our programming.

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