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Playing with Stories by Priscilla Howe
Playing with Stories by Priscilla Howe
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Are you ready for some fun? Come and learn American storyteller Priscilla Howe’s favorite story stretches, songs and games, for a wide range of ages. In her more than thirty years of storytelling, Priscilla has gathered a large repertoire to use with children from kindergarten through high school, including fingerplays, story songs, improvisation games, writing exercises, general silliness, and more. Some, such as the circular story, “A Dark and Stormy Night,” are good for those five-minute gaps between other activities, as well as teaching how to use emotional expression in storytelling. Others, such as the movement song “Standing Like a Tree,” are designed to calm and ground wiggly listeners. Writing games such as “Exquisite Corpse” teach a very clear story structure, and are ridiculously fun for high school students.

In this 90-minute workshop, Priscilla touches on what works in storytelling in terms of child development. She discusses how story games fit visual, aural, and kinaesthetic learners, and how to adapt the games for diverse audiences. She teaches new games as well as remind you of some you may have forgotten along the way. Priscilla left a bit of time at the end of the workshop for sharing and for questions. A handout is available with the workshop, reflecting exactly what Priscilla covered.

About Priscilla Howe

Priscilla Howe has a gift for sizing up audiences and delivering a whopping good time. She tells a mix of stories from books, world folktales, and her own stories, most served with a generous dollop of humor.

You can find out more on her website,, and on her YouTube channel,

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