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Adult Storytelling Performance Panel Discussion
Adult Storytelling Performance Panel Discussion
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An Adult Storytelling Performance differs from a performance for children. Our panelists will discuss how they identify and select stories for adult audiences, how they tell stories in order to engage and connect with adults, and how they adapt their performance to the setting/event (such as the location, the type of audience, and event.)


Gauri Raje is a trained anthropologist who lives in the UK and India. She practises storytelling as a community art form, with young adults and adults. She is fascinated with and interested in questions around the embodied nature of storytelling, translation, weaving and migration.

Sheila Wee is a Singaporean storyteller, and pioneered the revival of storytelling in Singapore, and is a Founding Director of FEAST. Sheila loves to work collaboratively, and has a long history of curating and performing in adult olio performances.

Roger Jenkins founded the 398.2 Storytelling Festival in 2015 was heavily involved in programming for the FEST, especially in an advisory capacity for showcases in the adult stream. He has performed in many olios in festivals in Singapore, Penang and India

Noa Baum is described by the Washington Post as someone who "spreads cultural truths that eclipse geopolitical boundaries". Noa is an award-winning storyteller, focusing on the power of narrative to heal across divides of identity and build bridges of peace.

Shereen Saif is a multi-disciplinary artist with a practice that spans dance, theatre, storytelling, voice acting and visual arts. Shereen is known for her physical storytelling style that integrates elements of music, dance and theatre.

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