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IMPRO ZOO(M) By Roger Jenkins
IMPRO ZOO(M) By Roger Jenkins
Digital Product
SGD$ 15.00   

Roger presents a new webinar on Improvisation for Storytellers designed very much with zoom in mind – in other words, a very different set of games and activities from his popular session at the Bangalore Conference. And with memories of FEST still fresh in our memory, several activities have been inspired by FEST/FEAST moments!

Roger will demo 4 (or possibly 5) games or improv strategies before sending you off into break-out rooms to improvise each game with your room-mates - it’s going to be much more fun to catch this webinar live rather than watching the recording (unless we can get some rooms recorded on local computers so we can share the improvisations!)

The session is designed to give you practical ideas for you to explore retelling a familiar story in a new and unexpected way, or to create a story on the spot with contributions from your audience, or to add variety to a session presented by two or more tellers without the need for extensive rehearsal/memorisation!

Although our room for physical movement is limited by the camera, the same rules of improv apply as you play with your spontaneity and creativity:

• Listen!

• Say Yes! And . . . . (ie accept your partner’s ideas/suggestions and build on them)

• Emotional Importance – make the scene important emotionally in the character’s lives

Please have a sheet of A$ paper handy too!

About Roger Jenkins

Roger was a founder-member of Singapore first-ever professional improv comedy (The Madhatters) with the late Christina Sergeant and was a core team-member for almost 20 years.

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