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Grasping the Word
Grasping the Word
Digital Product
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During the webinar Katrice will offer a mix of practical ideas as well academic research that enables us to help people and children find the words to share their stories. Katrice specialises in 'sensory approaches' to language development and has used these with great success with groups as diverse as people within the prison system to Research Fellows at London School of Economics.

She will include information regarding why language development is pivotal in child development and how we can promote it through involving parents and teachers alike. She will also include notational ideas to use with people who are illiterate or with people who struggle to sequence memories, as well as ideas for developing community projects with groups that may struggle with literacy and confidence.

About Katrice Horsley

Katrice Horsley is an International Narrative Consultant and Storyteller. Her work has taken her all over the world from Singapore to Netherlands and Norway to Peru and it has included working with young refugees in Palestine to Business Leaders in Denmark.

She has a background in Child Development and Play-work, as well as in the design and delivery of training. In the early 1990’s she went to live in Ghana for 6 years and worked as a freelance consultant for UNICEF, DFID (Department for International Development,) and the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees.)

It was whilst living in there that she witnessed the true potential of narrative as an approach in training and development work. When she returned to the UK, she developed a career as a storyteller and consultant, combining her two main passions, people and words. This took the form of performance work as well as developing training using story as the main tool. Her unique approach to narrative and story resulted in her becoming the National Storytelling Laureate for the UK.

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