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To help you get started, here re two stories created on the spot by Roger Jenkins to demonstrate the process of using the dice - and he highlights some of the thought processes too in stringing together SETTINGS, CHARACTERS, EVENTS and CHARACTERS.

Enjoy - and have fun rollling your dice and making up stories!



We are thrilled at the prospect of meeting up with old friends and making new ones we gather together to celebrate our shared love of storytelling. We've got a tremendous line up on workshops over the two days - you get to choose 4 out of the 16 on offer. There are plenty of facilitators who will be well known to many of our members, but also we hope you'll find new faces to inspire you and topics to excite you as we continue our storytelling journey together.

The Conference is open to anyone - though if you are not already a member, please do consider joining as you'll make a decent saving on the conference registration to offset much of your membership fee. 


22 Nov Welcome Dinner (optional)

23 Nov FEAST Conference - Day 1 

24 Nov FEAST Conference - Day 2

25 Nov Indonesia International Storytelling Festival - Day (optional)

26 Nov Indonesia International Storytelling Festival - Day (optional)

Conference Jakarta
Upcoming Events


We are thrilled at the prospect of meeting up with old friends and making new ones we gather together to celebrate our shared love of storytelling. We've got a tremendous line up on workshops over the two days - you get to choose 4 out of the 16 on offer. There are plenty of facilitators who will be well known to many of our members, but also we hope you'll find new faces to inspire you and topics to excite you as we continue our storytelling journey together.

The Conference is open to anyone - though if you are not already a member, please do consider joining as you'll make a decent saving on the conference registration to offset much of your membership fee. 


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22nd Nov Welcome Dinner (optional)

23rd Nov FEAST Conference - Day 1 

24th Nov FEAST Conference - Day 2

25th Nov Indonesia International Storytelling Festival - Day (optional)

26th Nov Indonesia International Storytelling Festival - Day (optional)

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The theme is: THE JOURNEY.

It is a useful metaphor for FEAST (our Conference is on a peripatetic voyage around Asia) and for us as individuals in terms of our work both as storytellers and as individuals. There will be 4 workshops offered at each time-slot - see the schedule of all 16 workshops in the panel below. Workshops 1/2/4 all run two hours each; workshop 3 is for 100 minutes.

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OUR 16 WORKSHOPS: Title/Facilitator
OUR 16 WORKSHOPS: Title/Facilitator

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WELCOME DINNER - The Conference Experience
WELCOME DINNER - The Conference Experience

We highly recommend attending the OPTIONAL Pre-Conference Dinner on November 22nd, 2023.

The sense of excitement and joy in the room as people reunite with old friends and connect with new ones, is palpable. No matter how far you have travelled in ordser to be there in that room, the Pre-conference Dinner will lift your spirits and set you for the magical two days to follow We promise that the evennig will be short on speeches in order to give you ample opportunities to connect with fellow storytellers and enthusiasts, and to forge meaningful collaborations in a casual setting that combines good food with some fun and games and probably some cultural entertainment 

Don't forget to reserve your spot for the Opening Dinner when you register for the Conference, as we need to know the numbers in advance as this 'Feast' is being created especially for . . . us!

Vegetarian options will be available. All food is Halal.

Please mention any allergies if any. We will try our best to accomModate them.

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Day 1 WORKSHOP 1 Descripters
Day 1 WORKSHOP 1 Descripters

You need to select one of these four workshops to take on Day 1 (morning)

History Is No Mystery! 

From Family History to Performance Narratives

Facilitators: Eth-Noh-Tec (Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo and Nancy Wang)

Creating a storytelling performance piece based on family history, or historic events can be both rewarding and challenging as one explores creativity and historic accuracy. Eth-Noh-Tec will deconstruct several of their stories: “Red Altar: the Untold American Tale of a Chinese Fishing Village”;  “Takashi’s Dream” the story of an atom bomb survivor; “New Pair of Wings”: Filipino child’s immigrant story blended with a traditional motif; “Bittersweet”: Chinese American tale of mother-daughter relationship. Techniques explored include: use of interviews, photographic archives as well as several creative techniques, story “maps”, flashback, memories and dreams in the designing of family historic narratives.

Let the Feather Fall - Hosting and Holding Community to Tell Stories

Facilitators Kate Lawrence and Jackie Kerin

Emceeing is a useful skill for a storyteller to have, particularly for those who find themselves in leadership roles or desiring to use story as a key element of social debate and discourse. Yet hosting inclusive 'open mic’ events can be daunting. You never know what’s going to happen next. In this workshop, you will learn ways of creating respectful space for both storytellers and listeners. Participants will draft a hosting frame/script, and practice responding to tellers. When people feel safe, more stories are shared and community grows. 

  • Jackie Kerin has been coordinating and hosting community open-mic storytelling sessions for a decade. Together with Kate Lawrence, she shared leadership roles for Storytelling Australia Victoria for over 5 years. It was during this time they began refining their ideas about supporting safe, respectful and creative spaces. Jackie is a performance storyteller, author and actress.
  • Kate Lawrence has been hosting monthly community storytelling events for over 8 years. She is a trained group facilitator with a deep appreciation of the conditions that encourage people to feel safe and heard.  She is the founder of Story Wise Women, a storytelling movement that strengthens women’s voices and belonging. Kate is an audio producer, oral storyteller and community practitioner. 

Storywalks and Taletours - Creating a Story Tour

Facilitator Jo Henwood

Stories arise from place and meaning comes from stories.  Everywhere we look there are stories to be found – of individuals, and groups, of real events, and what might have been – and when we can share those stories with others, we give them a way to belong.  Through these stories we build connections from our listeners to their place, their community, and their own identity. We give them the meanings that are their heritage.   In this workshop we will craft different story-based tours of our own districts (walking and by transport) – our journeys of story. 

  • Jo Henwood is an Accredited Storyteller with the NSW Storytelling Guild, tour guide, education officer, museum theatre creative, workshop leader, public speaker, and President of the Australian Fairy Tale Society.  She has a Master of Cultural Heritage, and qualifications in library science, museum studies, tour guiding, and gifted education.  Jo organised World Storytelling Day in Sydney for several years, was a mentor for heritage site storytellers for FEAST, winner of the 2022 AFTS Award, and delivered the 2021 George Schipp lecture for WEA community college.  She performed in the Salonline webseries, the FEAST Lycian Way storytelling tour, and online group performances for FEAST and NSN.

Music and Rhythm in Storytelling

Facilitator Rona Mentari

Unleash the magic of musical storytelling in this interactive workshop! Discover how to weave music and rhythm into your narratives to captivate and engage your audience. Experience the captivating "Lava Story" with guitar accompaniment and participate in storytelling exercises with musical backdrops. Learn the benefits of incorporating music and practice rhythm using your body. No musical skills needed! Join Rona M for an inspiring and transformative workshop that will elevate your storytelling abilities with the enchantment of music.

  • Rona Mentari grew as a storyteller in Indonesia. She fell in love with stories since she was a kid. She is known for her unique storytelling performance by using traditional Indonesian style and her little guitar. She is the founder of Rumah Dongeng Mentari, a storytelling community in Indonesia which has held storytelling classes, festivals, and showcases since 2010. In 2018, she became the first Indonesian graduate from International School of Storytelling, UK. And in the same year received a national award from the President of Republic Indonesia for her role as a Young Indonesian Storytelling Activist.

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Day 1 WORKSHOP 2 Descripters
Day 1 WORKSHOP 2 Descripters

You need to select one of these four workshops to take on Day 1 (afternoon)

Easy-to-Tell Tales

Faciliitator Dr Margaret Read McDonald

Learn six easy-to-tell folktales and leave this workshop ready to tell!    An active, hands-on workshop for any skill level.   

  • Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald is author of over 67 books on folklore and storytelling topics including The Storyteller’s Start-up Book; Teaching with Story (with Jen and Nat Whitman); Peace Tales; and Earth Tales.   She is known for her easy-to-tell tale collections and workshops.  

The Mask of the Storyteller 

Facilitator Roger Jenkins

Rj wooden masks 6This highly practical session uses hand-carved wooden Masks from Java & Bali to enable storytellers to explore characterization both physically and verbally through the use of Mask. The full Masks are non-verbal and character is portrayed physically through movement and gesture; the work can be serious or comic.  The half-masks are both verbal and physical, require higher energy and love to have fun! Key areas of exploration will be principles of isolation and status, the power of stillness, and how body posture triggers (or reveals!) your emotional character. You will discover why we say: “You do not wear the Mask: the Mask wears you!”

  • Participants limited to 24 to ensure everyone has a Mask to play with/explore

Note: the masks are made of light wood, similar to balsa. They are designed for dance/theatre and most offer good vision and comfortably fit adults. 

  • . Before he told stories, Roger was a Drama Teacher. He made his mark in Singapore in the mid-1980’s performing as Phizzog Mask Theatre with Christina Sergeant. Using full and half-masks, they created a unique blend of social comedy/commentary. His award-winning production of The Servant of Two Masters led to mask work with Marco Luly, a commedia dell’arte actor in Rome, a partnership which continues to today. Wayang Tempest – his production of Shakespeare’s play set in Bali - made extensive use of Mask (all those under Prospero’s spell) and was nominated for Production of the Year 2001. His one-man mask-inspired show, Talking Body Language, enjoyed almost 300 performances in secondary schools. 

Storytelling to Process Life and Promote Healing -

Creating Safe Spaces by Crafting & Telling Tales for Grown-ups

Facilitator Gabriella Santoso

As grown-ups, we all need safe spaces where we can pause and make sense of our life, to breathe, to rest and heal. Stories can provide such space for both the audience and the teller. This workshop aims to share ideas on how to construct these tales, reflecting from the experience of the presenter's group, Rasa Tenang's (Taste of Calm), online & onsite performances, and also the presenter's experience of telling in a therapeutic setting. There are two original stories that will be shared & dissected in this workshop. Beginner tellers are welcome, although it would be beneficial to have some experience in writing and/or telling stories. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to craft  tales for grown-ups as a ‘Safe Space to Process Life and Promote Healing’ 

  • Gabriella Santoso (Gaby) is a creative individual with diverse yet complementary backgrounds. She is an internationally certified coach & mental health practitioner, also a performing storyteller, vocalist, and author, specialising in fairy tales for grown-ups. She wishes to create artistic experiences, not solely for entertainment purposes, but also for supporting mental wellness. She believes that a story is a powerful medium for self-awareness and for processing life. Right now Gaby is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Facilitator Jeff Gere

Jeff Gere shares his 'constructs' (and several stories), his teaching framework which has guided hundreds of students over 30 years. Imagine a 'Story Wheel'.  In its centre is the 'AHHH!', where 'self awareness' is consumed by the story (trance, communion, vision.) Many ‘spokes’ support this mesmerizing effect, including body movement, sound effects and words (with character, narrator, observer; voices, pacing, colours & dynamics.)  Jeff also shares 'structures' which he tantalisingly titles: The Muscles of Imagination, Basic Needs, Yin & Yang and - as he is from Hawaii -  Surfing the Tale!  Come with a short story of your choice, and Jeff will challenge, affirm, and expand your own concepts of how 'Storytelling' works. 

  • JEFF GERE is OLD. Jeff was the Drama Specialist for the Oahu (Hawaii) Dept. of Parks & Recreation for 30 years, teaching and storytelling continually. He founded, produced, hosted & performed in the biggest storytelling event in Hawaii (27 years) which spun off into story radio, a TV series, and many kinds of tours. Since retiring (end of 2014), he toured internationally, in USA & Hawaii. During covid, he continued to produce shows. He hosted a week-long Storytelling Retreat on Kauai (March, ʻ23). He hosts ʻJeffʻs Picks featuring FEAST members to USA audiences. Jeff does stuff.

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Day 2 WORKSHOP 3 Descripters
Day 2 WORKSHOP 3 Descripters

You need to select one of these four workshops to take on Day 2 (morning) Note this is a 100 minute session


Faciliitator: Kiran Shah

Discover the art of tandem storytelling as you  explore the diverse forms and techniques of this captivating storytelling style. Led by experienced facilitator, Kiran Shah, you'll explore the many ways you and a partner can create a powerful impression through tandem telling. Through paired organic storytelling, you'll gain the skills and confidence to bring stories to life as you harness the benefits of two telling together  to offer a very different experience from telling alone. Handouts of suitable stories and valuable resources will be provided to enhance your learning experience.

Kiran Shah bio


Faciliitator: Rona Barbour

Unlock your storytelling potential in this engaging workshop! Join Rona B. for a captivating experience where you'll learn the art of crafting your own short stories. Using fun, interactive activity, you'll have the opportunity to create your own captivating story on the spot! Don't worry if you're new to storytelling; this non-competitive challenge is designed to be enjoyable, with guidance provided to unleash your creativity. Prepare to be amazed as your stories unfold on a level playing field.

Rona iBarbour s a hypnotic and mesmerising storyteller who comes from a long line of celebrated storytellers and has been writing and telling stories since childhood. Described as “The Godmother of Storytelling” for her work with disadvantaged teens in the UK, her voice has been compared to ‘warm chocolate wrapped in soft velvet’. A Director of the Society for Storytelling (England) for six years, Rona is a Continuing Professional Development tutor in storytelling skills accredited with the Government’s Learning and Work Institute. Formerly a NIACE consultant since 2007, she lectured on storytelling in the UK,  the US and Russia. Her work in the community earned her a “She Inspires Award” in 2020 and was Winner in 2021. She has amassed over 20,000 hours of storytelling in schools in the UK and has been running her own  storytelling club for the past 25-years.

 THE LAND OF COBRAS AND DIAMONDS - a memorable way to tell your stories

Faciliitator: Debbie Guneratne

Debbie Guneratne, a Sri Lankan Sathara Karaya (third generation storyteller), who uses RASA in all aspects of her work as an international performer and trainer.  RASA is a way of working through the emotions inspired by you in your audience, transporting them into a world of wonder. This workshop aims to introduce the RASA concept and develop your storytelling skills. It involves activities and games where you will experiment and play with words and stories connecting you with the layers within your stories. This workshop is suitable for storytellers who want to try a different path when telling their stories.

Debbie is a Sathara Karaya, a Sri Lankan third generation storyteller. Her unique and charismatic style has taken her around the world to perform and initiate change. Debbie’s parents draw from Chinese, Dutch and Sinhalese cultures. Her Father, a zoologist and her Mother, a botanist, instilled her love for the natural world. Debbie also trained as a teacher and geologist, specialising in gemstones and volcanoes. Living in London, Debbie travels around the world collecting and telling stories, leading workshops and training. She has climbed several volcanoes and met Komodo dragons. Debbie loves her UK work with the Historic Royal Palaces, the British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery and Westminster Abbey. Debbie is the Founder of ‘Sihina’, projects that have built stronger communities and the Founder of STSC, training 1000+ young people, changing their futures. These began because a story Debbie told enabled a young cancer patient to speak again and she wants to leave a legacy in the hearts and voices of the future.

STORYTELLING SOUNDSCAPES – A Journey In, Through, About and With Sound

Facilitator Devi Palanisamy

Sounds are all around us and when used with intention, are able to evoke emotional responses for your audience. If you have ever wondered how you can create an atmosphere using soundscapes for your story, this workshop is for you! Storytellers give life to stories through understanding various performance elements, like gestures, voice, movement, props and sounds. This workshop will focus on effective uses of small musical instruments as well as everyday items to explore different sound textures and creative inventions to use in stories. Come and explore how simple objects can help aid sensorial reminiscence and bring stories to life.

Dee (Durgah Devi) Palanisamy is a multicultural storyteller and is fascinated by stories across the world. With more than a decade of experience, she is constantly striving to create spaces and programs that use stories to encourage discovery, education and entertainment. Dee loves stories and foundedDeelightfultales, which aims to renew the oral traditions of the spoken word. Born and raised in Singapore, Dee is proficiently bilingual in English and Tamil. She loves storytelling and as a versatile performer, she connects with her audience through her stories and believes in the magic of storytelling. 

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Day 2 WORKSHOP 4 Descripters
Day 2 WORKSHOP 4 Descripters

You need to select one of these four workshops to take on Day 2 (afternoon)

.ONCE UPON A MOTION - Call & Response & Move

Facilitator: Jeff Gere

Here's an exhilarating storytelling adventure with Jeff! In this interactive workshop, Jeff will lead a captivating lecture, 'CALL & RESPONSE" demonstration of the folktale "The Bird With The Hurt Wing". Then, he'll empower small groups to create their own call & response interpretation of SHORT stories, guided by his example and expertise. Get ready for a lively, laughter-filled two-hour session as you dive into the creative process and witness the group performances come to life. 

JEFF GERE is OLD. Jeff was the Drama Specialist for the Oahu (Hawaii) Dept. of Parks & Recreation for 30 years, teaching and storytelling continually. He founded, produced, hosted & performed in the biggest storytelling event in Hawaii (27 years) which spun off into story radio, a TV series, and many kinds of tours. Since retiring (end of 2014), he toured internationally, in USA & Hawaii. During covid, he continued to produce shows. He hosted a week-long Storytelling Retreat on Kauai (March, ʻ23). He hosts ʻJeffʻs Picks featuring FEAST members to USA audiences. Jeff does stuff.


Facilitator: Christine Carlton

Much has been written about the benefits of storytelling being purposeful and persuasive, yet the power of spontaneous and playful storytelling has often been undervalued. With a sense of play and spontaneity, participants in this workshop will be invited to stretch their imagination to develop their creativity, spontaneity and flexibility as storytellers. We will look at the power of Story to educate, entertain, build community, foster creativity and transform lives and business.

At the end of my session, participants will :

  • have participated in a number of creative improvised storytelling techniques and processes
  • be able to use these storytelling processes effectively and with confidence in their lives and workplace to build community and awaken creative potential

Christine Carlton is an Australian Storyteller, Drama and Creative Arts Educator who has performed and facilitated workshops throughout Australia and internationally. She offers opportunities for individuals and organisations to tap into their creativity to give voice to their stories whether they be true, tall or traditional tales. Christine loves how stories challenge, entertain, develop and delight both the tellers and the audience.

MIND TO MOUTH - Imbibing recipes in folktales

Facilitators: Ambujavalli Nagarajan and Lavanya Prasad

Embark on a captivating journey through the folklore of food and recipes in our immersive workshop. Join Ambujavalli and Lavanya, self-proclaimed foodies, as they delve into the rich tapestry of cultural identity and societal values embedded in traditional tales. Discover how recipes and messages have been passed down through generations, both as cherished memories and cautionary tales. Engage in meaningful discussions and creative exercises to create your own recipe-infused story. Consider how to preserve your cultural heritage through the captivating medium of food. Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore the world of culinary folklore and pass on the flavours of tradition to future generations.

Ambujavalli - an IT professional turned storyteller-trainer and public speaker - strongly believes that good stories spread healthy happiness.  She is known for the performance elements(rhythms, movements and humour) that she weaves into her stories.  Interviewed and featured by various national TV and radio channels, she has also been a performer/workshop lead in various national and international festivals. Contributing to one of the FEAST anthologies, she has been part of the state government’s story project. A hard core believer in the Supreme, her genres extend from spiritual to folk to classical to personal!

Lavanya is an electrical engineer turned professional storyteller and believes that she makes better and long lasting connections using stories than electrical wires. Her Organization Tale’scope has stepped into its tenth year and works with children and adults using stories as a medium. Lavanya loves to incorporate the Indian classical and folk elements of music and dance into her telling styles.She has been invited as a featured teller representing India, in many international storytelling festivals.Her project roots with senior citizens was acknowledged and appreciated by the Honourable Prime minister of India very recently.Lavanya not only believes in incorporating the art that she has learnt in to her storytelling forms but delve deep into them for greater understanding and clarity. Her paper regarding an indigenous storytelling form in India was recently selected to be presented at a prestigious conference in a renowned platform. This journey has taken her into the path of deep research with respect to the storytelling artforms in India.

ENERGIZER GAMES  - for preschoolers, primary children, teens and adults

Facilitator: Alla Lebedeva

Discover the magic of creating lively and warm environments through games in this interactive session with Russian storyteller Alla Lebedeva! Learn the art of fostering a safe and supporting atmosphere while releasing energy and laughter with practical games. Alla’s workshop will guide you through a variety of age-appropriate games that are guaranteed to bring joy and laughter into your sessions while developing spontaneity, awareness of the body, language and rhythm, and fostering greater responsiveness of others. Experience the power of play firsthand, and leave with new skills and unforgettable memories. 

Alla Lebedeva adores stories and tells them to audiences from 1.5 years to 100. She works with school children and conducts workshops for teachers, showing how to use storytelling to make lessons both informative and entertaining. In cooperation with biographical consultants, she uses storytelling methods to help people get deeper understanding of their lives. She also works with seniors, using storytelling to make them talk. She believes that our souls talk through stories and there's always a story just for you. She has been a regular facilitator in FEAST’s bi-monthly Games Night sessions and her sense of play is also obvious in our SIG PlotLuck

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1. Regulations for traveling to Indonesia

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Please download this booklet which has all you need to know about the conference amd making the most of your time in Jakarta

Essential FAQS Conference info

FAQs FOOD, CLIMATE, ELECTRICITY and everything else


Electricity is 230v. Most power plugs and sockets in Indonesia are type C and F. See what C & F look like


Jakarta is always hot and humid (32C+) and tropical showers (ie intense but relatively short-lived) are to be expected. The Library ('an oasis in the corwded city - great views of the city from the rooftop according to online reviews!) is air-conditioned but this can be fierce (especially in contrast to outside) so long sleeves or a shawl/wrap may be advisable.


Lunch and two breaks during both Conference day are included.

You are spoilt for choice in teerms of local foods - as Indonesian has over 17000 islands there areso many different local cuisinews for you to choose. Here's one recommendation of Must eat local foods . Please exercise caution when sampling street food (unless you have an Indonesian Conference friend to advise you!

Restaurants that are halal will not serve any pork dishes, but there are countless Chinese and western-style restaurants that do.


Please drink only bottled water, or tap water that has been filtered and boiled.


The currency is the Indonesian Rupiah. As of 31 May, the exchange rate is

1 US$ = 15,000 1 Euro 16,000 1SGD$ 11,000 100 Indian Rupee 18,130

With so many zeros. you will possibly be a millionaire. Make sure you where the calculartor is on your mobile!

Internet / Sim Cards

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Beautiful Bali beckons with its beaches and the vibrant cultural town of Ubud at its centre.

Yogyakarta is the cultural heart of Central Java, with its kraton (palace) royal gamelan, lively batik art, silversmithing and dance.

MT BROMO, a dormant volcano with a spectacular crater that rises out of the centre of a splendid caldera (the former crater) is easily accessible from Surabaya

Heading west, these's Sumatra with the tranquil Lake Toba and the dascinating Minangkabau culture to explore

Heading east there's exotic Sulawesi, home of the Toraja people, and the wilds of Kalimantan, the Indonesian half othe island of Borneo


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