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TUNE IN TO the dedicated FEAST broadcast of STORYTIME 

Have you listened to STORYTIME, a weekly radio broadcast facilitated by 'jumping jellybean' herself, Shanthini Venugopal?  It's a fun programme that also incorprates up and emerging musicians too, so you should check it out.  Several FEAST members have already sezed the opportunity to send her an audio recording and come September, Shanthini is kindly letting FEAST have an entire episode to itself!  

Young Storyteller RONA MENTARI (based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia), NUPUR AGGARWAL (from Hyderabad, India) and ROGER JENKINS (Singapore) will share stories - one from India (as that where the Conference will be) one from our next book (Royals Wise and Otherwise) so we can promote it, and a food story (so we can mention last year's book!) 

Any member of FEAST is most welcome to send Shanthini, who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a MP3 recording of a story.  Keep it under 10 minutes preferably and do pay attention to the audio quality of your recording! 

Yes I want to send a story recording to Storytime!

  • 18 Sep 2018 22:47 | roger jenkins (Administrator)

    We are delighted to announce that Asia's longest running Storytelling Festival (founded 2010) the PENANG INTERNATIONAL KIDS STORYTELLING FESTIVAL, has joined FEAST and will be sending one (hopefully two!) representatives to the annual Conference. The Conference is a great opportunity for tellers keen to break into the international circuit to be seen by, and talk to, directors from festivals in Chennai, Bangalore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuching, Penang and Singapore!  

  • 13 Sep 2018 20:19 | roger jenkins (Administrator)

    See the story-swap!  Note that we only share those stories whose tellers give us permission to do so. I've also edited the recording to remove the little bit of dead time when the screen hung for two of the participants. Total run time is 67 minutes.

  • 9 Sep 2018 14:58 | roger jenkins (Administrator)

    FEAST hosted its first online Story Swap on the 7th September hosted by myself (while I was telling in Brunei) and, with 10 others, we heard stories from Kiran Shah (in Australia), Lynne Kirk (Hong Kong) Kulin Imperial (Phillipines) Pretigaya Haran (Chennai) Usha Venkatamaran (Mumbai) Tim Erenata (in California!) Lavanya Prasad (Bangalore) and Usha Chhabra (New Delhi, who we sadly lost wifi contact with half way through her story)  Sheila Wee successfully managed the meeting, switching from host to teller to teller, resulting in a very smooth 75 minute programme.  

    Its hard to know what I enjoyed the most: meeting such a lovely mix of tellers (most) for the first time, listening to the fascinating diversity of accents and voices, or hearing six tales that were completely new to me - and even the story of Tenali Rahman and the barber, with which I was familiar, in Lavanya's became something new and wonderful. The recording of the session is being sent to all 49 who registered and I hope it serves as a useful and effective reminder of the session. 

    FEAST is definitely up and running. Given its success, we are considering whether we should wait until December for our next swap (as currently advertised on the Events page) or if we should add another Swap in October? What say you?

  • 27 Aug 2018 19:27 | roger jenkins (Administrator)

    A crowd of almost 60 storytellers gathered in the lovely Tulika Press Bookshop in CHENNAI on 24 August to witness the inauguration of FEAST. There were representatives from Australia, Indonesia, Romania, Singapore, UK, USA, and many tellers based in Chennai, as well as those travelling from Bangalore - see the moment here: https://youtu.be/mPcm9n5xw4o.

    The choice of Chennai to host the launch was deliberate for three reasons:

    1) As the Under the Aalamaram Storytelling Festival was in progress it meant stories were in the air and many tellers were in town. FEAST always wants to be associated with stories, and although we were not connected to the UTA (celebrating its remarkable 5th Year, incidentally) we were grateful that it brought three founding directors together (Roger, Jeeva and Ariyo)

    2) Although FEAST is incorporated as a non-profit company in Singapore, and the first Conference will be held in Singapore, it is definitely not a Singaporean organisation. Launching in Chennai was the strongest possible statement we could make to this effect.

    3) Having tellers present from so many different countries outside of Asia - and highly respected tellers too - means that they will talk about FEAST and let their friends and fellow association members that we are open and looking to promote Asian tales and tellers.

    FEAST is most grateful to Jeeva for organising the event, and to our generous hosts at Tulika Press for hosting the event and providing us our first FEAST!!

  • 23 Aug 2018 12:17 | Sheila Wee (Administrator)

    Lombok, is being affected by a big earthquake. Up till now, there have been more than a hundred earthquakes in big and small scale. The people are trying to recover, and so other Indonesians in other areas try to help them to recover. Ayo Dongeng Indonesia, the community of the storytelling movement in Indonesia, is also taking a small part by sending volunteers to help, especially for children. We name it, Story Therapy. Volunteers do storytelling and games with stories, to help children in Lombok to be more happy as part of their stress (trauma) release. 

    Oot and Yanie in the above photos, were the first Ayo Dongeng volunteers  to arrive in Lombok after the quakes.

    Mochamad Ariyo Faridh Zidni, Ayo Dongeng, Indonesia 

  • 1 Jun 2018 17:17 | roger jenkins (Administrator)

    We are delighted to announce that as of 1st June 2018, the Federation of Asian Storytellers Ltd is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in Singapore (registration 201818697Z), with Roger Jenkins, Jeeva Raghunath and Sheila Wee as our Directors. 

    It's our first formal step and we look forward to journeying the road ahead together with you! However as long as we're telling stories, we know that the the journey will never seem long!

The Federation of Asian Storytellers Ltd is a non-profit company established in Singapore in June 2018.

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