Who is welcome to join our FEAST?


Professional storytellers

who regularly perform and/or conduct workshops for their clients;


Community tellers

who may use storytelling as part of their work (for example as teachers, counsellors) or with their family


Institutional members

which have an interest in supporting, or learning about, Asian stories and storytellers;

Story Festivals

which have an interest in promoting Asian content and/or Asian storytellers.


People who are still developing their skills,

repertoire and confidence as tellers and who are keen to hear more stories (from our on-line story swaps and the archives of the Story Circle) or learn new techniques shared by more experienced tellers (from our Conference workshops or webinars);


Non Asian Residents

but who have an interest in hearing Asian stories;

 Each professional member has their own profile, where you can find out about their experience and find links to see them tell a story. Since we hope you may be looking to find a teller for your school (Book Week? UN Day?) or your Festival or celebration, there are links to help you contact them via their website, facebook, blog and/or email.  

Our members are a diverse group of people drawn from many different countries. They include :

The Federation of Asian Storytellers Ltd is a non-profit company established in Singapore.

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