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Why Join FEAST?

Access regular webinars  that offer  you the chance to learn from experienced tellers as they share ideas on different aspects of storytelling.

The annual conference is a chance to meet fellow tellers, take part in practical workshops and see/hear lots of storytellers in action. The conference will be held in a different Asian city each year.

FEAST was set up by the directors of storytelling festivals in Bangkok, Chennai, Jakarta, Kuching, Seoul and Singapore, so if you tell a story at the Conference . . . you may be talent-spotted!

Professional members, have your own page which can introduce you to people looking for a storyteller outside of your usual contacts.

Enjoy our catalogue of stories told and recorded by our members - and  not only in English, too!  (The full catalogue will  only be accessible to members.) Over time it will become a fascinating and invaluable resource.

Looking for a story? Or a story on a theme? Or for a particular age-group? Or occasion?  Submit your storytelling questions to our Forum and tap on the shared wisdom of like-minded people.

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Non-Resident in Asia  ).                            

If you are not resident in Asia, while we welcome your interest in and support of FEAST,  we hope you won't mind that we are charging you a little more. Your membership fee will go into a bursary fund to support deserving tellers from some Asian countries. 


This is for organisations which  run or promote storytelling events, and other organisations that wish to be affiliated with FEAST and our network of tellers.(Including book councils, libraries, educational institutions with storytelling programmes, publishers, or media and content producers such as television and radio). 

Institutional : Story Festival

 We are keen to be connected with Story Festivals, not only in Asia but around the world and therefore offer this special category.  It offers you your own profile page. (with website, logo and a write up on your Festival programming) and the chance to send two representatives to the Conference at Members rates. 

Note: all fees are in Singapore dollars (which hovers around $1.38 to the US dollar - August 2019).


If you like telling Asian stories, you're welcome to join the FEAST! It doesn't matter what ethnicity, gender or faith you are, if you want to share Asian stories, come join the FEAST! We have six types of membership:


If you are already an active and capable storyteller who wants to market your skills and services to more clients/audiences at home and abroad, this category is for you!  The benefits of professional membership are (a) you will have your own individual profile on our site where you can list your experience, upload a link to 3 sample videos and provide a link to your website, facebook or blog; (b) you can submit videos of you telling  to our Story Circle, which will add to your visibility and demonstrate your style; and (c) you can make friends with, and learn from, some of the most experienced storytellers in Asia.   

As you will create your profile page as part of the registration process, please read the professional member's guide before you start. Being prepared will help you make the most of your profile page.


If you are interested in storytelling but you are still developing the skills and experience to become a more confident and effective teller, or if you prefer to tell simply for fun (eg within your family or community) or as part of your work (eg as teachers, librarians, counsellors), this is the group for you.

Young Storyteller

 To join as a syoung Storyteller  you must be between16 and 30 years old. The chief benefit of registering as a Young Storyteller is that your membership gives you free of charge  access to all the FEAST webinars, as we encourage you to take the opportunity to learn from our collective expertise.  You are also entitled to up to 50% discount on the Conference fee.  (If you  have joined before our conference registration goes live).

How do we define Asia? 

If you are resident in one of these 48 countries, and you consider yourself to be in Asia,

we are happy to accept you as a member of FEAST : 

Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia,  China, Georgia,

India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel,  Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, 

Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines,  Qatar,  Russia,  Saudi Arabia,

Singapore, South Korea,  Sri Lanka,  Syria,  Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Turkey, Turkmenistan,   

United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen.   Back to Non-resident in Asia


Although membership is open to anyone, the founders have agreed on some common standards that we want our members to practice.  To encourage members to follow our 10th objective, we ask that, when joining FEAST, you agree to the principles stated in our pledge:

As a Storyteller, 

  • I will try to tell stories that are appropriate for each  audience and occasion.

  •  I accept that there are many different ways to tell a story, according to each teller’s culture, audience, purpose, and their personal skills.

  •  I respect the culture from which a story comes. When I change a story, I will acknowledge what I have changed,  and why.

  • When I learn a story from another teller, I will do my best  to make my telling uniquely mine, and gratefully acknowledge the teller who gifted me that story.

  •  I believe that a well-told story is like good food: that it encourages people to come back for more! Therefore, whoever tells a story well, helps all of us by popularising storytelling and growing our global audience.

  • And, as every feast requires a generous host and many cooks, so I come to this FEAST grateful for what I have learned from others, and willing to share my skills with  those who seek to learn. I want to add my voice to the timeless tradition of tellers, handing on wisdom from generation to generation.

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