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    • 24 Jun 2021
    • 19:30 - 21:00 (UTC+08:00)
    • ZOOM


    Member Exclusive

    Dear FEAST Members,

    A coaching story swap exclusive for you.

    • Do you have a story you are working on?
    • Would you like to be coached by your peers?
    • Would you like to just like to join as an audience/peer coach and learn coaching techniques? 

    Bring your work-in-progress stories to this closed-door coaching swap. We hope to see you benefit from the perspectives of others.

    Remember this is a safe space for you to try out your stories. All members will be mindful and generous with their feedback, intending to benefit the teller. There is no need to conform to a theme. Just bring a story that you wish to work on.

    We will only coach 3 tellers to ensure adequate time is given. They have been shortlisted - you may join to watch and learn.

    Please note that the recording of this session will only be given to the coached tellers coached tellers.

    If you have any questions please contact 

    • 29 Jun 2021
    • 19:30 - 21:00 (UTC+08:00)
    • Online

    The Magic Mirror by Giovanna Conforto

    Who has never dreamt of having a magic mirror that would answer all questions? Well, in some way, myths and fairytales are like that. All the wisdom of humanity is enclosed in them, so in each one we can see our own reflection, our story, or parts of it.

    We will go through an artistic exploration through playful and light exercises and games, trying to find out something new about the most important person in your life. YOU!

    In this workshop you will learn to tell your version of a given story. No previous experience in Storytelling is required.

    Giovanna Conforto is an Italian storyteller and published author. She is the creative director of the Italian Storytelling Center and teaches at the School of Storytelling, Emerson College (UK)  She has participated in events and festivals all over Europe, North America and Asia.

    Among her collaborations, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and the Global Science Opera. Giovanna tells and facilitates in Italian, French and English.

    Date: Tuesday 29 June 2021

    Time: 7.30pm to 9pm (Singapore time)

    See: for the time in your time zone. If the timing is not convenient you can opt to receive the recording.


    SGD$5 for FEAST members (FOC for Young Storyteller Members)

    (Members must LOG IN before registering in order to obtain this member rate)

    SGD$10 for non-members

    • 21 Jul 2021
    • 19:30 - 21:00 (UTC+08:00)
    • Online ZOOM
    • 88

    Storytelling at Museums,Arts and Historic Sites 

    Panel Discussion

    Panel Members :

     Jo Henwood (Australia), Swee Yean Wong (Singapore), Annabelle Castano (Argentina),  Anna Salaman (United Kingdom)

    Date: Wednesday 21st July 2021 , 7.30pm to 9pm  Singapore Time FEE : Members - $5, Non Members - $10

    Check the time in your time zone here FEASTMuseumsPanelTIMING

    Stories arise from place and culture comes from country.  That is why we have museums: to be the keeping places of the stories that communities want told, all signified by objects - but objects don’t tell stories.  They don’t have mouths.

    We often say that there are three elements to storytelling: storyteller, audience, and story – but there is a fourth, the place in which we tell, the reason we are telling.   Heritage sites go far beyond museums – galleries, sculpture parks, museums, historic houses, streets, gardens, parks, beaches and bush (or forest, or pampas!) – each of them a nest where particular stories are born.

    In this panel discussion we will be looking at all these elements and sites, but most importantly at the possible connections – of story to object, of performers to space, of time present to time past, from what was created to what we need to hold on to.  But if culture is related to place, what happens to storytelling when that space is virtual?  When we change the mode, or the media, or the setting, what can we create that is authentic to storyteller, audience, and story?

    Participants who attend will be invited to apply for the " Storytelling in Museums, Art Galleries, Historic Sites" mentorship programme !!!

    Jo Henwood is an Accredited Storyteller with the New South Wales Storytelling Guild. She is a tour guide, an education officer, a museum theatre creative, a workshop leader, a public speaker, and the co-founder of the Australian Fairy Tale Society.She has a Masters in  Cultural Heritage, and qualifications in tour guiding, museum studies, gifted education, and library science. 

    Anna Salaman has spent over twenty-five years immersed in the heritage, cultural and visitor attractions sectors. She specializes in interpretation, learning and play. Anna’s main interest areas within the heritage and cultural sectors lie in creating relevant interpretation for a wide audience, audience development and community participation, children’s and young people’s learning and engagement, and in developing playful environments. Stories and storytelling have therefore played a significant and consistent role throughout Anna’s career.

    Anabelle Castaño is a bilingual storyteller, archaeologist and museum educator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She interweaves her three professions and worksto build bridges between material and immaterial culture through traditional stories from all continents. When a world pandemic isn’t going around, she works at the Ambrosetti Ethnographic Museum performing, organising storytelling sessions, doing guided tours, researching and consulting for other institutions. Since 2019 she’s been a  member of the storytelling committee for the Buenos Aires International Book Fair.Nowadays you can find her online, telling folktales, and offering workshops about storytelling, streaming, repertoire, oral traditions and developing content for various projects. You can find out more about Anabelle at

    Swee Yean is a Professional Storyteller with the Storytelling Association (Singapore). She has performed in museums, art galleries and historic sites using intangible oral heritage to breathe life into artefacts and art works. Storytelling helps children and adults to connect to objects and historical venues. She also teaches storytelling to school students, adults and senior citizens.

    • 2 Aug 2021
    • 19:30 - 21:00 (UTC+08:00)
    • Online

    Every Business Has a Story

    Tell it Well

    In this workshop, Ameen Haque, founder of Storywallahs, will share storytelling techniques brands and business leaders use to craft better narratives. 

    Once you are in business, storytelling is also your business. 

    Those who tell better stories, win the battle for share of mind and share of market. 

    The question is, how to tell the story of your business or organisation or product? 

    Specifically, how to tell it so that it stands out from the clutter, makes an impact and influences the stakeholder. 

    About Ameen Haque

    Ameen Haque is a story coach and founder of Storywallahs. Business leaders, innovators and change makers have sought Ameen’s help to improve their storytelling. He has coached business leaders at Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Google, Accenture, Deloitte, Nike and many more.

    His previous work in advertising, consulting and theatre have helped him understand finer nuances of communication and persuasion. More than telling stories, he loves listening to stories. When not working with stories, he loves climbing hills and playing table tennis

    Suggested pre-reads/watches  (completely optional) 

    1. Watch this TED talk by Simon Sinek and reflect upon the big WHY of your organisation:

    2. Read this deconstruction of a pitch deck by Andy Raskin: Reflect upon how you structure your pitch currently and how you could improve it? 

    3. Storytellers are first, good listeners. Listen to this TED talk and think about employee stories, product stories and customer stories worth telling at your organisation. 

    Date: Monday 2nd August 2021

    Time: 7.30pm to 9pm (Singapore time)

    See: for the time in your time zone. If the timing is not convenient you can opt to receive the recording.


    SGD$5 for FEAST members (FOC for Young Storyteller Members)

    (Members must LOG IN before registering in order to obtain this member rate)

    SGD$10 for non-members

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Asia has some countries, such as Singapore, where storytelling is supported financially, and an awareness of the power of storytelling in diverse fields such as education, business, counselling and community development. However, in many Asian countries, would-be storytellers struggle to make an income from their skills. The thought of travelling to a conference, even on a budget airline, plus paying conference fees, plus accommodation, is a daunting challenge. Our target of $5,000 is to enable us to bring 10 young tellers to the next Conference.  For donations particularly for the book, which we can acknowledge in the book itself, do contact us.

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