STORY WOK is looking for Podcast Producers

  • 11 Jun 2021
  • 19:30 - 21:00
  • ZOOM

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STORY WOK is looking for

Podcast Producers

Dear FEASTers,

Yes! We are looking for more people to join us as producers and we're planning a live session on 11th  June to talk about that and what it would involve.  

Currently there are six of us and we rotate the duties of producing each episode, with two people hosting/co-hosting each one - so AB did episode 1, BC episode 2, CD did 3 etc. This is to give everybody the experience of formulating the content, recording interviews/chats and editing recordings, as well as prepping the publicity and uploading for broadcast. 

 In this manner, we have six shows planned for March - August. September  and October will presumably focus on promoting FEST. We have committed to continuing the Wok to December, by which time we hope that we will have identified and 'trained' more people like yourself to take on a producing role from 2022. 

I think you think you have  an interest in producing - as opposed to simply telling on the Show - and, are willing to try out

the role of a podcasting producer do sign up for this Q&A session.

As you know, the story wok  is open only to FEAST members - if you wish to become a member - please Join here.



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