• 30 Mar 2021
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Hilarious Story Games

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Date : 30th March 2021

Time : 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Singpaore time

Inspired by Priscilla Howe’s webinar earlier this month, we’re hosting our first FEAST story games session. We’ll be making up stories on the spot, from random ingredients generated in a variety of ways and formats. Let loose your imagination, practice your improvisation skills (yes and!) and embrace the spontaneous, playful child in you!

Some games for starters, but your suggestions welcome!

·         Exquisite Corpse is the classic 6-line Dadaist story, with each player adding a sentence in response to a question (which supplies the structure) without reference to the preceding answers.

·         Magic Box: Priscilla shared her magic box of objects and one by one several members of the audience create a story by incorporating another item from the magic box.

·        Author Interruptus : the narrator starts telling a story but must incorporate suggestions (giant anaconda!) randomly provided by the (roller-skates!) audience (peppermint lassi)

·         Crazy A-Z Dialogue A game for two. Given a situation (eg redecorating your home) the two players create a story featuring 26 lines of dialogue

Are we starting on the kitchen?

Brilliant – then we’ll be finished in time for dinner.

Can you pass me the paint?

Do the you want the red or the blue?

Eggshell blue for the walls, don’t you think?


(By the way – the audience chooses which letter the scene starts with, so the story might run G – F!)

·         Foreign Teller: partner A speaks in gibberish (ie their own made-up language) Fortunately Partner B is bi-lingual and translates the gibberish a phrase or a sentence at a time.

·         Genres:  four tellers collectively tell one story, (based on ingredients provided by the audience.) Each teller makes two contributions in contrasting genres. Teller A might choose Sci-fi and the Asian Recipe Book; teller B a fable and a Mills-and-Boon romance; partner C James Bond and a traditional folk song and partner D a sports commentator and the Interactive Storytelllers Handbook. (The tellers get to choose the genres they wish to do!)

·         It’s Tuesday.  Partner A makes a mundane statement (eg It’s Tuesday) Partner B reacts to this with an extreme emotion (eg utter panic because today is the day when. . . ) When B can no longer sustain the panic, they finish with another nondescript statement. (Where are my shoes?) And A then responds with a different extreme emotion (You’re hopeless! So disorganized! Why are you asking me? Everytime? Etc) until eventually they finish with . . . a nondescript statement (I need a drink) Partner B responds with . . .another extreme emotion etc

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