Discovering and Using a Narrative Mindset Rethinking Narrative’s Place in Your Work, School, or Community. A FEAST Webinar by Kevin Cordi

  • 26 May 2020
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Discovering and Using a Narrative Mindset

Rethinking Narrative’s Place in Your Work, School, or Community

As a teller, teacher, writer, or community organizer, are you using narrative to its full potential?  Although we know humans are “wired for stories,” (Cron, 2012) can those wires hang loose and remain idle?

 In this workshop, we explore how to fire up your thinking adapting a “narrative mindset, (Cordi, 2019)” We Develop A narrative frame to re-see story our lives and work. The process draws on Dweck’s (2007) idea of “growth mindset” but focuses and uses narrative lens in constructing meaning.

 In this practical but innovative online session, you will have the tools to begin using story in new ways and the outcomes will charge you up and re-energize your story readiness.  Re-see, revision, and refine using narrative mindset practices.  Your new story awaits.

 About  Dr. Kevin Cordi

 Kevin D. Cordi, Ph.D. holds a Doctorate in “Storytelling and Education” fromt the Ohio State University.  For 11 years, Kevin served as the “first full time high school storytelling teacher in the United States” and has spent over 20 years, as a National Story/Storytelling Consultant.  For nine years, he co-directed the Columbus Area Writing Project with the National Writing Project.  He is the author of You don’t know Jack - A Storyteller Goes to SchoolPlaying with Stories: Story Crafting for Writers,Teachers, and Other Imaginative Thinkers, and co-author of Raising Voices: Creating Youth Storytelling Groups and Troupes.  Currently, he serves as an Assistant Professor of Education and Literacy at Ohio University Lancaster. 

His work has been commissioned by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Qatar Foundation International, Newsweek, and he has presented in over 40 states, in        England, Japan, Qatar, Canada, Singapore, and Scotland.  He has coached everyone          from correctional officers, business owners, to teens.  You can find out more about his work at

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