• 27 Feb 2020
  • 19:30 - 21:00
  • Online


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A FEAST Webinar by Rona Barbour

Drawing on a mix of experience, personal and professional reflections, and an understanding of expected outcomes, this webinar will help participants to create their own unique storytelling toolkit, specifically adapted to working with vulnerable teenagers within their own practice. The webinar will focus on the ways in which we can first ensure, that the storytelling is being delivered to an engaged and enthusiastic audience, in a safe, sensitive and professional way. This webinar will also develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in order to ensure that the stories we do tell to teens are not only fully inclusive and relatable to diverse audiences, but they are also filled with rich, stimulating language, are enjoyable and will hopefully be embedded and remembered long after they have been told.

The webinar will provide practical, concrete methods of delivery and of ensuring that the stories used can be easily adapted to offer the much-needed support to the differing age groups within the worryingly, ever-growing central core of those teens who are deemed to be most needy and vulnerable. 
It will offer a unique opportunity to explore, why it is so important to share and create stories with these youngsters, what effect they are likely to have on them and allow participants to acquire the necessary skills to be able to deliver them effectively and with complete confidence in the outcome.

About Rona Barbour

Scottish, and from a long line of Storytellers Rona was born and brought up in Glasgow one of 8 children to registered blind parents and as a result she quickly learned the value and importance of verbal and non-verbal language, listening, and effective communication through “story” from a very early age.

Her mission is to change the way we communicate through the use of storytelling (as a tool) for the purpose of better understanding one another, leading into an environment were young and old can communicate effectively because she feels as things stand now, our children don’t recognise or understand empathy so she is addressing the critical question " if we don’t do something now, what does the future hold for our children and their children”?

As a NIACE consultant (a post requiring 10 years of experience in the field) she was commissioned to write and deliver lesson plans using story for teachers, and she also lectures in Storytelling to Lecturers and Tutors in Adult Education.

Rona also enjoys a distinguished career as a practitioner in education having amassed over 15,000 hours of experience of storytelling in schools. Using storytelling as her medium she worked within colleges and universities all over the UK and abroad. A lifetimes study of the human psyche and human behaviour has armed her with the knowledge that stories can and do change lives. She is able to engage and transfix audiences of all ages and abilities and has a special interest in disadvantaged students, particularly those with behavioural issues and has received recognition for her work with troubled teens and has also been awarded for her work in this area by being nominated as Cheshire Woman of the Year for her services to storytelling. In 2019 she was named as one of the 100 most Inspirational Women and has recently, February 2020, been nominated for A Lifetime Achievement Award.

She has had remarkable success working with disengaged and disaffected young people in getting them interested in reading and in particularly in PRUs (Pupil Referral Units). She believes that lack of verbal communication or story in their lives has caused many problems for our children. She gives and receives the greatest of respect when working with these challenging young people and says she is richly rewarded for her efforts by their acceptance of her and their enthusiasm and continuing success of their joint projects.

As an Emotional Therapist Rona uses her experience to improve the lives of others and was employed 1 day per week for 7 years as a Drama/Literacy Therapist in a Manchester Grammar School until 2010.

Rona has lived in England and Italy as well as Scotland and was a Director on the Board of the Society for Storytelling in England (SfS) for 6 years, she has travelled far and wide including The Middle East, Asia, Russia, and the USA.

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