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  • 1 Feb 2020
  • 15 Mar 2020


3rd Storytellers’ Conference

Organised by The Federation of Asian Storytellers

Jakarta 2-3 November 2020

 After the success of our second Storytellers’ Conference (Bengaluru, November 2019) which drew 134 participants, the FEDERATION OF ASIAN STORYTELLERS (FEAST) is now planning its third Conference. This will be held in conjunction with the Jakarta Storytelling Festival: the conference on 2 & 3 November 2020 immediately following the Jakarta Storytelling Festival (1 November 2020).

We are seeking proposals for 12-16 workshops of 2-hrs duration. Most FEAST members are professional storytellers, or community tellers who use story in their work (e.g. as librarians, teachers, therapists, community workers etc). We are looking for workshops which will offer them practical skills or approaches to using storytelling.

We have a theme for the Conference: JOURNEY.  It is a useful metaphor for FEAST (our Conference is on a peripatetic voyage around Asia) and for us as individuals in terms of our work both storytellers and as individuals. There is the journey of our stories (I refer below to the Indian epics that have spread throughout S E Asia) as they travel (and transform) from teller to teller, and of course there are many characters who undertake quests in one form or another. We do not expect or require that every workshop will explicitly align itself with this theme, but if you feel there is a connection, do mention it in your proposal

In drafting your proposal, please bear in mind the following:

  • 1)      Our members appreciate practical sessions. Some theory is fine, but the rave feedback is overwhelmingly for sessions in which participants were able to practice new skills. We are not looking for academic papers!  Workshops which focus on techniques which are outside the regular repertoire of many tellers – eg stories told with string, drawing, kamishibai, tangrams, shadow puppets - can be considered more introductory, but the emphasis should be on giving participants techniques they can take away and implement in their own practice.  Be generous with your resources too: if you share a story, be prepared to allow participants to record your performance (though of course you can insist this is only for their personal use and is not to be shared on any social media). 

  • 2)      We expect facilitators to be experienced in the field they are proposing. If you want to do a session on telling in women’s prisons, please let us know where/when/what you have done in female correctional facilities.

  • 3)      Your outline should also contain some description of how you will conduct the session: for example does it feature demonstration, incorporate PowerPoint slides, involve pair or small-group work, and what is the nature of the hands-on participation or physical activity etc.

  • 4)      Since neither the FEAST Directors nor the Jakarta Conference organisers may have had the pleasure of attending one of your workshops, we ask for references (an email address) so that we many contact people who have experienced you in action.  We are interested to know about your experience/skill level and the manner in which you deliver your sessions.

Most of our members live and work in Asia (see  for our definition of countries in Asia) but we also have non-resident members. Anyone is welcome at the Conference, regardless of nationality, religion or place of abode. The focus is on Asian folktales, but not exclusively so. 

As FEAST was only founded in 2018, our budget is limited. We are conscious of the considerable income differences in countries throughout the region, and we work hard to make the Conference fee as affordable as practically possible.  We are unable to pay travel or accommodation costs, but all workshop presenters will receive free admission to the Conference and to the Welcome Dinner on the 31st October,  as well as a complimentary copy of FEAST’s third collection of Asian folktales which we plan to publish in association with the Conference.

Please click below to submit an application. 

2020 Conference Applications

Deadline for submission: 15 March 2020  (4pm GMT)


More information on FEAST – the Conference, membership, our monthly webinar programme and resources, can be found at




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