Storytelling as Relationship

  • 30 Aug 2019
  • 19:30 - 21:00
  • Online


  • One free webinar can be claimed by those who submitted workshop proposals (unselected) for the FEAST Storytellers' Conference 2019. This offer is available for the year 2019 only.

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Storytelling as Relationship

Storytelling is natural to humans. It predates written language and formal education. Ever since our development as a species on the African savanna, storytelling has been a key process for  sharing vivid experiences and building connections with each other.

But our modern "industrial culture" tends to treat stories as objects to be fashioned and presented, rather than as acts of relationship.

In this webinar, we'll look at ways to treat storytelling as the set of interactive processes it has always been at its core--and learn how we can allow stories to engage us and our listeners in a dance of mutual imagination.


Doug Lipman told his first story by accident to a school-ful of young adolescents with "behavior problems" For the first time, he experienced true connection with those very resistant students.

In the nearly 5 decades since then, Doug has told and taught storytelling on several continents and to people from many walks of life, from NASA scientists to oil company executives, health care workers and storytellers at all levels of mastery.

The author of 4 books, a score of storytelling recordings, and over 190 issues of his renowned email newsletter, "eTips from the Storytelling Coach," Doug Lipman was honored In 2017 with the Lifetime Achievement Award for "sustained and exemplary contributions to storytelling in North America."

Find out more about Doug at:

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