STEPPING OUTSIDE THE STORY: Storytelling in the Context of Language Learning

  • 12 Apr 2019
  • 19:30 - 21:00
  • Online



Storytelling in the Context of Language Learning

More than sixty per cent of human communication happens through stories! Students of all ages and levels love them and can start storytelling from elementary upwards if we let them!

What kind of activities tap into our students’ love for stories in order to move from teacher led storytelling to student communication? What effects can these activities have on presentations, pronunciation, writing, critical thinking, creative thinking, classroom management and much more?

This session presents practical ideas and activities around stories for all ages, which can also be adapted to listening and reading activities in class. Come ready to talk and improvise! Participants will get a handout with activities and stories

Rebecca Lemaire is a TEFL teacher, teacher trainer and storyteller. Her passion is to look into people’s eyes, and travel with them through stories whether in their first language or not. She uses storytelling in her English classes for primary, secondary and adult students and goes into schools to do storytelling workshops and sessions for students of English. She also works with the Hands Up Project, doing storytelling workshops online with Palestinian students. Rebecca trains teachers (primary and secondary) to use storytelling in their classes (British Council, the Department of Education of Catalonia, language academies, etc.) 

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