The Magic Mirror by Giovanna Conforto

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Who has never dreamt of having a magic mirror that would answer all questions? Well, in some way, myths and fairytales are like that. All the wisdom of humanity is enclosed in them, so in each one we can see our own reflection, our story, or parts of it. We will go through an artistic exploration through playful and light exercises and games, trying to find out something new about the most important person in your life. YOU! In this workshop you will learn to tell your version of a given story. No previous experience in Storytelling is required. Giovanna Conforto is an Italian storyteller and published author. She is the creative director of the Italian Storytelling Center and teaches at the School of Storytelling, Emerson College (UK) She has participated in events and festivals all over Europe, North America and Asia. Among her collaborations, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and the Global Science Opera. Giovanna tells and facilitates in Italian, French and English.

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