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DESCRIPTION: Meet creatures big and small, fierce and meek, clever and silly through 17 delightful folktales chosen from around Asia. This book is the third FEAST Anthology written by our members. Note : This is a digital version of the book that will be available on Google Playbooks. You may choose to purchase it directly. But purchasing it here means you may gift it to a friend. HOW TO REDEEM : Dear Patron, Thank you for purchasing HISS, ROAR SQUEAK. The FEAST admin will shortly email you the redemption link and coupon. In the attached file you will find instructions on how to use the coupon with the redemption link. You may gift this to your friend. Please be aware that to redeem the book from Google Books, you must have a gmail/ google account. In a separate email, - You will received 2 things : Redemption Link Passcode Step1 : Log in to your Google play account Step 2 : Paste the link in your Browser window Step 3 : When the pop up appears, click on "Add to Library" Please view the attached video which explains how to use your voucher on Google Play to avail your E-copy of the book. https://youtu.be/xWUjQVBCVKw Note : IF YOU ARE RECIEVING MORE THAN 1 VOUCHER ( in seperate emails) - Please remember each voucher must be used with a seperate gmail ID. You cannot purchase/redeem 2 books with the same GMAIL account. If you have questions or doubts please email Krupa at krupavmoorthi@gmail.com. Thank you . We appreciate your patience. Please feel free to email feaststory@gmail.com for queries. Warm Regards, FEAST

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