How to Engage with and Influence Vulnerable Youth Through the Power of Storytelling by Rona Barbour

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Drawing on a mix of experience, personal and professional reflections, and an understanding of expected outcomes, this webinar will help participants to create their own unique storytelling toolkit, specifically adapted to working with vulnerable teenagers within their own practice. The webinar will focus on the ways in which we can first ensure, that the storytelling is being delivered to an engaged and enthusiastic audience, in a safe, sensitive and professional way. This webinar will also develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed in order to ensure that the stories we do tell to teens are not only fully inclusive and relatable to diverse audiences, but they are also filled with rich, stimulating language, are enjoyable and will hopefully be embedded and remembered long after they have been told. The webinar will provide practical, concrete methods of delivery and of ensuring that the stories used can be easily adapted to offer the much-needed support to the differing age groups within the worryingly, ever-growing central core of those teens who are deemed to be most needy and vulnerable. It will offer a unique opportunity to explore, why it is so important to share and create stories with these youngsters, what effect they are likely to have on them and allow participants to acquire the necessary skills to be able to deliver them effectively and with complete confidence in the outcome. ABOUT RONA BARBOUR Scottish, and from a long line of Storytellers Rona was born and brought up in Glasgow one of 8 children to registered blind parents and as a result, she quickly learned the value and importance of verbal and non-verbal language, listening, and effective communication through “story” from a very early age. For more info about Rona Barbour please see ** FEAST Members: Please be sure to log in to avail of your special Member’s rates*

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