Storytelling in the Classroom: Lessons in Practice by a Storyteller-in-Residence by Deeptha Vivekanand

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We know from neuroscience research that the human brain responds to stories better than it does to facts. We store information in the form of stories. A teacher in a classroom would do well to use the storytelling approach with her students as often as she can. But does this mean there must be no concern for the textbook on which most learning is dependent? The trick is to balance both. However, that’s easier said than done! This webinar presents practical tips to those who are currently involved in storytelling in schools and those wishing to become resident storytellers, on where to start, how to pace it, and how far to go when it comes to integrating storytelling in the curriculum. Sign up to know: What the role of a Resident Storyteller entails The key differences between being a resident storyteller vs. a guest How to work with stories at the primary, middle and senior school level The challenges and realities in creating and implementing a story-based curriculum What's the future like for a Storyteller interested in the Education space Deeptha Vivekanand has been a story-educator and performance storyteller since 2009. She loves telling stories to students of all levels and is currently a storyteller-in-residence at a school in Chandigarh, India. Here, she is involved in tailoring stories to fit the curriculum, teacher training, mentoring, coaching, creating story-based lesson plans, and finding new avenues to include all forms of storytelling within the teaching-learning process. ** FEAST MEMBERS: Be sure to sign in to access your special member's rates!

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