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Preferred Audience
  • Preschool
  • Primary
  • Teenage
  • Adult
  • Seniors
  • Corporate/Organisation
Preferred Audience Size
  • Up to 1000
Languages I tell in
My first paid performance was in (year)
Performing Experience
Storytelling for students at Xi'an University of Foreign Languages in Xi'an, China.
Storytelling for young children at a parents' co-operative in the north of Xi'an, China.
Sensory storytelling for residents at homes for the elderly in Bedlington, England.
Storytelling workshops for primary school children at Seafest in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Historical tales at Banchory museum in Scotland.
International Experience
'Tales from England' public storytelling performance at Living Bread Culture Club, Xi'an, China.
Folk stories (along with two Chinese storytellers) to bilingual groups of children at The Lighthouse Centre, Xi'an, China.
Stories at the Thailand International Folklore Festival, Surin, Thailand.
Biblical stories for a church group in Tokyo, Japan.
Weekly storytelling sessions in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia including performances and workshops.
Morpeth Gathering, in Morpeth, England (award winner two consecutive years).
Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland (including evening performance, under 3s, storyteller at home)
Gadiesfest in Inverurie, Scotland.
Music Hall theatre in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Interactive stories at Kara Kindergarten in Bangalore, India.
My Style
My storytelling style changes according to the audience and the venue; I am informal when working with small groups and more theatrical when working with larger groups. For all groups, I bring enthusiasm and cheeriness to my performances. With children, I tell interactive stories which gets them involved with each tale and its telling. I use props, call and response, and actions to make the stories as engaging as possible. In longer sessions, I intersperse stories with other activities. When I work with very young children (under 3s) or elderly people with sensory or memory difficulties, I bring in objects which engage all the senses. These sessions may be one-to-one.

In most of my storytelling sessions, however, which are performed to school-aged children or adults, I use the natural light and shade in my voice to make traditional tales compelling and engaging. I have also frequently performed in costume to represent a particular historical time. For example, I worked as a Saxon storyteller at Bede's World museum in England.

I've collected items concerned with folklore from around the world and I sometimes use these in storytelling sessions. I also have a PhD in English literature, and can use or teach literature alongside stories.
My Repertoire
  • Stories from my culture
  • World stories
  • Personal Stories
  • Stories I have created
  • Myths & legends
  • Historical stories
Area(s) of Focus
  • Education
  • Heritage
3 favourite workshops that I conduct
1. Introduction to storytelling (includes: what is storytelling, how to remember a story, performance tips, and practice).
2. Developing your performance (includes: performing you story, changing a story for different audiences).
3. Using sources (includes: adapting a folktale from a collection, using literature to develop new stories, turning historical sources into stories).
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