Story Circle

  Our Treasury of Tales as Told by Our Members

Welcome to this ever-growing collection of stories as told by our members.

We hope that the Story Circle will grow to:

                • introduce you to a variety of tellers.

                • enable you to enjoy many Asian stories.

                • offer valuable demonstrations of different ways of sharing a story.

                • give you the chance to compare versions of the same story, and see how each teller has crafted their own version.

                • watch a selection of tales told in mother tongue.




(Language, country, themes)

How to become a Dragon

Roger Jenkins (Singapore) 

Taiwan, little vs big, clever, bully

A Taste of Honey Sheila Wee (Singapore) ENGLISH
Vietnam,  love, spooky 
Snake and Lizard Kiran Shah (Singapore/Australia)   ENGLISH
Story created by Anne Pellowski to accompany a string trick that can be  found in the Philippines various other countries. Animal tale. 
Borneo Snake Margaret Read MacDonald (USA) ENGLISH
Sabah,  animal husband 
Five Rotis Jeeva Raghunath (India)  
& Kiran Shah (Singapore/Australia) 
Translator:  Prasong Saihong (Thailand)
India,  comical, marital dispute 
Papa Crow and Mama Crow  Craig Jenkins (UK) ENGLISH
India, Panchatantra, family love 
The Cow's Horn
Debjani Bhadhu (India) HINDI
India, domestic dispute, comic, lighthearted.
Sharing Wisdom Roger Jenkins & Anamika  Bhati ENGLISH  & HINDI  & SOME SIGN LANGUAGE
The Mountain which Loved a Bird  Nupur Aggarwal (India) ENGLISH                                  India, friendship, loss, renewal  12/2018 
 Hats for the Jizo's   Jackie  Kerin (Australia)  ENGLISH                                                                              Japan, poverty, kindness, kindness rewarded 12/2018 
The Rabbit on the Moon  Karen Lee (Singapore)

 ENGLISH                                                                         Chinese, respect, 


Ravan Lifting Mount Kailash and Singing Shiv Tandav Strotra

Shital Choudhary ( Mumbai, India) 

ENGLISH, WITH SOME SANSKRIT                   Episode of Ravan lifting mount Kailash and composing Shiv Tandav Strotra from Uttar Kand - Valmiki Ramayan.

The Moon Man

  Prachitara               (Bhubaneswar, India)


This story waswritten by Prachitara's father, the eminent Odia poet and children literateur Dr Prasanna Kumar Mishra.


This is an innocent account of a lonely single child wanting a sibling to play with and care for. Malayabati is a joyous girl who is content in her own imaginary world. Every now and then she wishes for a friend, a younger brother to keep her company. Her parents stay busy due to work and she has no friend to play with. One fine day, an elderly wizard from the moon comes by and allows her to ask for a single wish. Malayabati wishes with all her heart for a younger brother. The wizard grants her wish and hands her a wooden doll. He tells her to sprinkle magical water from the nearby spring to bring the wooden doll to life. He also warns her that if she ever beats him, he shall turn back to a wooden doll. Malayabati’s joy knows no bounds and she plays with him every day. One day things take a turn and Malayabati hits her brother during a fight. He turns back into a wooden doll and Malayabati feels very guilty. She cries and calls for the wizard. The wizard comes back after a long time and scolds her for beating her brother. But, after a while he forgives her and turns the doll back into her brother leaving her ecstatic and promising never to hurt her brother ever again.

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