Our Mission

To celebrate storytelling in Asia, embracing both traditional and contemporary forms.

Our Objectives 

11. To foster the practice of storytelling in Asia, by facilitating Festivals, performances, workshops, storyteller exchanges and such activities that will provide storytellers with opportunities to develop their craft and broaden their audience-base.

To welcome tellers, regardless of their race or origin, who have an interest in Asian stories, and who are keen to create a community of tellers helping each other to achieve these objectives.

3.  To raise the visibility of storytelling in Asia, by celebrating the diverse work of our storytellers, so as to educate audiences, policy makers and arts organisations to the power and effectiveness of storytelling in society.

4.  To encourage our storytellers to tell to anyone, anywhere, exploring new venues and reaching out to different audiences.

5.  Through story, to re-connect communities with their common heritage and celebrate their shared sense of place.

6.   To develop a new generation of storytellers who are confident, capable and committed to sustaining and sharing stories – the tales we love, the ones we have neglected, and the tales yet to be told.

7.  To raise funding for storytelling, both for the training of tellers and for presenting stories through programmes that meet any of these objectives.

8.   To showcase the richness and variety of Asian storytelling to the world.

9.  To collaborate with storytellers from around the world to bring awareness, appreciation and recognition to the art of Asian storytelling.

10  To pursue our love of storytelling with playfulness and joy, for a spirit of playfulness and joy inspired FEAST’s founding storytellers to sit down together in camaraderie and respect, to prepare this menu for all like-minded tellers to share.

The Federation of Asian Storytellers Ltd is a non-profit company established in Singapore in June 2018.

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