The Lycian Way

Announcing FEAST's first Cultural Storytelling Tour Collaboration

Walk the Lycian Way by day, and tell or listen to stories in historic amphitheatres every night!

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The Lycian Way lies in  the south of Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast, and it passes through many ancient Lycian and Roman cities and nomadic villages, making you feel that you are bathing in an enormous pool of history and culture. They did not call Lycia the ”land of light” for nothing!

By day we'll be walking/hiking for 2.5 or 5hrs (depending on your level of fitness/energy and/or enthusiasm!) along this historic coastal path in groups of 8-10, each led by a professional guide.

And every evening, thanks to FEAST Member Cem Alfar, we have permission from the Turkish Dept of Tourism to present a 90 minute programme of stories in the magnificent amphitheatre ruins in Xanthos, Patara, Myra, Olympos and Phaselis. Once we know who is joining the tour (and who wants to tell!) we will meet and collectively curate the sessions (more details & photos below.)

The Tour is open to all, FEAST Members (and their families) will be given first priority. 

  • Dates: 8 - 15 MAY 2022
  • Numbers: we need at least 8 confirmed participants, and will take up to 32.
  • All participants must be FULLY VACCINATED
  • Cost  Members: US$1,200 (inclusive of pretty much everything except water, souvenirs, gifts - see details below) Note this does not include your international airfare from home to Istanbul and domestic flights to/from Istanbul. 
  • Cost Non Members:  US$1,400 (Non-members are welcome to join first - SGD$45 for Non-Resident in Asia members - in order to take advantage of the members rate. However, in the event of the tour not proceeding, your membership fee would not be refunded; only your tour deposit.)  

FEAST members/institutional members will get priority, but we will market to other storytelling organisations in Europe & the US as the tour may offer excellent opportunities to forge new international friendships.


For details of all EVENING STORYTELLING  programmes, see below        

Accommodation: KAS (Day 0 - 3)

Day 0  : Arrival to Dalaman  8 MAY 2022

Transfer to Hotel 

Day  I : Hiking  9 MAY

  • Çavdır – Çayköy – Üzümlü
  • Grade 2-3  Easy 2.5hrs/Busy 5hrs  Elevation 247
Day  II  : Hiking 10 MAY
  • Üzümlü – Akbel– Bezirgan
  • Grade 2-3  Easy 2.5hrs / Busy 5hrs  Elevation  307m

Day  III : Active resting 11 MAY

  • Discovering Symena sunken  city
  • Swimming , Canoeing 

Accomodation : Tekirova (Day 4 - 6)    

Day IV : Hiking 12 MAY

  • Kekova – Andriake
  • Grade 1-3 Easy 2hrs / Busy 4.5hrs  Elevation  80 mt
  • Lycian Museum Visit  1,5 H
Day V : Hiking 13 MAY
  • Chimera I & II - Ulupınar
  • Grade 2-3  Easy 1hr / Busy 3.5hrs  Elevation 160  m

Day VI  program : Hiking 14 MAY

  • Phaselis Antique City Visit
  • Phaselis- Alacasu Beach
  • Grade 1-3 Easy 1.5hr / Busy  2.5hrs Elevation  80 m

Day VII:Departure from Antalya, 15 MAY

Storytelling Performances

  • What kind of stories?
  • Who gets to tell?

These are good questions which we can't answer until we know who is joining the tour and who wants to tell!

It is tempting to say Greek and Roman stories - several characters in the Iliad come from the area! - as well as Turkish tales (but Nasruddin might be more suited to a coffee shop than the vast arena of the amphitheatre!)  

Instead we might think of themes which would allow a diverse group of tellers to draw on their own cultures and repertoires - such as journeys, courage, civilisation, freedom? These are the big stories we may know already, or which we could/would prepare in advance for these unique celebrations.

It's important to remember that our performances will not be big productions with stage-lights and banks of loudspeakers played by an audience of thousands sat on the tiered stone seats on the hillsides before us! 

However, perhaps we should also allow for the personal stories - the ones we will tell naturally along the way as we bond with our fellow hikers. These stories might be more spontaneous and personal.

Once we know who is joining the tour, then we can together, collectively, decide on what stories we can share and how we can organise them into a series of serendipitous story celebrations!

  • Enjoy these photos of amphitheatres along the Lycian Way - but be warned!!
  • Once you have seen them and let your imagination toy with the idea of you telling there, you'd better have wax to stuff in your ears for, like the Sirens calling Odysseus, they will be calling Come. come, come . . !



This section will be updated with reference to Turkey, as and when new information is available

Do i need to be fully vaccinated in order to join the tour?

  • YES, FEAST is making this a requirement

What happens if covid restrictions are imposed in my home country after I have placed my deposit but before I depart? Will I get a refund?

  • The travel agency (Turqierama Tourism) warrants and guarantees that that the deposit and/or the full fare is refunded until April 27th in case quarantine measures are taken in the country of origin. lease check that this clause is included in your contract/ travel documents signed with the agency.    

    What happens if Turkey imposes travel restrictions or quarantine after I have placed my deposit but before I arrive? Will I get a refund?

    • The travel agency warrants and guarantees that that the deposit and/or the full fare is refunded until April 27th in case of travel restrictions or quarantine measures are taken in Turkey.

    What happens if I catch covid during my stay?

    • The Covid insurance policy covers the costs of the medical treatment in case of hospitalization and/or cost of the quarantine measures for individual cases. It is included in the travel package.


    What is the maximum/minimum numbers for the tour?

    • We need a minimum of 8 pax to confirm the tour. We will limit the tour party to 32 (4 groups of 8 when hiking) in order to keep it intimate so that tellers and travellers can get to know one another.

    Can I bring my spouse and/or family members?

    • Yes you can and family members (your spouse, siblings, children and parents) are eligible for the FEAST member rate.

    Can non-members also join the tour?

    • Yes they can, but subject to a different pricing. We will be sending information on the tour to other Storytelling Organisations in Europe and the US
    How fit do I need to be?
    • There are three different levels from lazy (no trail walking, only shopping and town exploring) to easy (about 2.5 hrs a day) and busy (up to 5 hours per day) There are no major ascents or descents. However, the 'path' is not paved but uneven dirt/rocks, so good hiking or walking shoes are strongly recommended.
    • You can move between levels on a day-to-day basis if you want more challenge or rest! Day 3 is scheduled for a change of pace/recreation
    • Transport form the hotel to the start of each day's hike (and from the end of the hike back to the hotel) is included

    What is the local food like?

    • probably best described as a fusion of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Eastern European cuisine.
    • Vegetarian menu is available. This will be an option when registering for the tour

    What is FEAST's role?

    • FEAST has liaised with Cem Alfar, a FEAST member based in Turkey who has walked this section of the Lycian Way, in order to tailor the tour around our interests. Cem has also secured permission for us to perform at the historic sites. However, the tour is organised by Turqirama Tourism (Link - the page is in French but there is a link to open a version in English) and all funds will be paid directly to them and all legal liability will be theirs alone. 
    • Turqirama is an established company awarded a Grade A Service Certificate by the local authority. The Turkish government has set up a fund to reimburse tourists in the unlikely event of a default by a travel agency.
    • FEAST will curate the storytelling element of the tour and will hold discussions with interested participants from January as to the content and format of the performances
    • Do I have to tell a story on the tour? No! You can simply come for the experience of sitting on a hillside in an amphitheatre and listening in this unique and historic setting!   


    • For covid-related questions please see the third column

    Do I need any special vaccinations for visiting Turkey?

    Is any medical insurance provided in the case of accident?

    • No. You are advised to have valid travel insurance during the trip. Note that all hiking is accompanied by professional guides who are trained for and ready to give emergency aid. State & Private Hospitals & clinics are within maximum 45 minutes distance during all stays and walks. 

    Is the water safe to drink? Is bottled water  readily available?

    • The water sources on the Lycian Way are safe and clean. However, we recommend you drink bottled water which is readily available.p.

    What sort of weather temperatures can I expect  in May?

    • In May, the day temperatures are between 21-26C and 13-15C at night. The water temperature is 21-24C.  The rainfall probability is 10% and the average of sunny hours/day is 11. It's a great time to walk!


    • 220W electricity supply and EU plugs are used in Turkey.  Free Wifi is available at the Hotels.

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