FEAST: Our Supportive Institutions


         We are delighted to have the support of the following 
Festivals which recognise the importance of celebrating 
Asian storytellers sharing their skills and tales:

398.2 Storytelling Festival - Singapore

 Bengaluru Storytelling Festival   - India 

Indonesia International Storytelling Festival

Korea International Storytelling Festival

Penang International Kids Storytelling Festival  (PINKS) Malaysia 


Join us as an institutional member today !

Planners organising Festivals which feature Asian content will surely benefit from being involved with FEAST.  While we are not a talent agency, we do showcase, through our activities, a broad range of tellers from the region.   Attending one of the Festivals with which we are affiliated will offer you many opportunities to meet and see tellers in action. 

Educational institutions with students from Asia, or which offer Asia- themed content or courses, will find that our members are a practical source of stories and may well be useful contacts for students doing research on current practice or cultural heritage.


FEAST hopes to work closely with organisations that recognise the value of the oral storytelling tradition.  We are most grateful for their support.

Many of our tellers believe stories are highly effective in terms of:

  • promoting heritage and culture
  • building positive value systems in children 
  • promoting reading in children 
  • supporting effective learning throughout the curriculum 
  • nurturing an effective workplace culture
  • helping leaders to truly lead
  • fostering the healing of the heart and the mind 
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