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Please note

 FEAST receives a royalty on the sale price of every copy of Hiss Roar Squeak. We are most grateful to all the authors and illustrators for granting FEAST permission to collect the royalties for the time that our agreement with the publisher is in force.

Bulk purchases are made via the publisher’s digital storefront which is only in Indonesian, not English. Therefore, if you would like to order a large number of copies for your school/organisation, please contact feaststory@gmail.com

so that we can assist you.

If you wish to purchase a copy/copies of HISS ROAR SQUEAK here are your options


The regular price is 59000 Indonesian Rupiahs (about SGD$5.60/US $4.20) 




Purchase from

Current discount on Google Playstore

20% discount


47657.2 IDR IDR


 Not sure how long the offer lasts.


FEAST price

for BULK ordering

(approx 20% discount)

SGD $4.50

47657.2 IDR

Place order by 23rd DEC – copy guaranteed.

Purchases made after 23rd Dec will depend on FEAST’s stock in hand

 You will receive a discount voucher which you can then go and redeem at Rakata.com

FEAST web store

Normal price


Approx. SGD$5.60

59,000 IDR


Any time for the next 10 years!


(this will not be handled by FEAST)

Print on Demand:

A softcover 22x28cm, full colour, 114 pages book) — at today’s exchange rate about 

 Price IDR 235.000 SGD 22.25 USD 16.65.

This price does not include shipping, which will be calculated separately. There is no volume discount, unfortunately. As and when the Conference is held in Jakarta, our plan is to place an order then on behalf of Conference delegates, and hopefully to use delegates to bring some extra copies home to their country of domicile to reduce the need for international shipping.  We will provide a link on our website in due course for those who wish to place a Print on Demand order, but the order will be handled by the publisher, not FEAST.

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