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Recordings of past webinars are available for you to watch for the same fee ($5 members/$10 non-members). Please purchase from the Store and you will receive a link 

The puppet workshop was outstanding. Good learnings from the workshop!! - Nupur Aggarwal, Hyderabad, India

Upcoming courses

What is a Feast Without Lots and Lots of Delicious Courses? 

Well, we hope to give you plenty to 'chew on' through this on-going series of sessions conducted by experienced members of FEAST. They will cover a wide variety of practical topics and aim to enhance your storytelling - and possibly encourage you to try something new!  Although we're connecting by web-cam, it's still a relatively intimate experience and you'll get to see a teller in (literal) close-up as they share their knowledge and experience.

We hope the webinar programme helps deepen your involvement with FEAST as it gives you something practical you can apply to your own telling.  

It will be a learning process for us too - not only in terms of how we deliver the content, but also how we schedule the programme. Do send us your ideas, suggestions or requests for topics that you'd like to see covered.  Perhaps you are interested in drawing stories, telling bi-lingually, stories for teenagers,  sharing personal stories, adding some magic ticks or using props or . . .   Please email us with your suggestions!

What Happens in a Webinar?

One of our experienced members shares tips and techniques on a particular topic. As it is live video, you will  get to see and hear the presenter demonstrate a particular technique - for example, how to use puppets in your storytelling.  The assumption is that you are not a puppeteer, but you would like to have some ideas about how you could animate puppets more effectively, or ways that you could integrate puppets into your telling (using the puppet as your storytelling partner?) 

The Federation of Asian Storytellers Ltd is a non-profit company established in Singapore in June 2018.

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