DAY 4 - 18th OCTOBER.

18 Oct 2021 16:13 | roger jenkins (Administrator)

The FEST continues to delight and impress with the sheer variety of its content and the quality and innovation that is being presented!

THE JAPANESE FOLKTALES offered a fascinating mix of stories, from kamishibai to finger play and playful draw-and-tell calligraphy. The story of the two snakes (suitable for pre-schoolers in any language!) and the magical geta (wooden shoes with only one support - normally they have two) that offer offered great wealth (with one 'shortcoming'?) are two Tales I'm sure many tellers will be adapting and adding to their repertoire!

The KAMISHIBAI programme offered three tellers with distinctly different styles. Can you imagine tandem kamishibai telling on zoom? They did - and delivered with one wow transition after another. Wow!! There were surprises galore as the kamishibai held unexpected revelations - I'd say this session is a MUST for any teller who is interested in this theatre form. Expect a webinar from these three in 2022!!

THE RAMAYANA took a dramatic turn in the thick of the forest with the two tellers working in the same space to deliver this exciting episode. Two sensational huge demon masks added to the fun (plus an of-screen husband providing excellent forest sound effects!)

As I was involved in presenting stories of Nasruddin's Donkeys and Wives, I can't say too much except that we succeeded in making one of our most serious Directors laugh (a lot!) 

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