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FEAST Webinars

Our informative webinars generally run for  about 90 minutes and are facilitated by one of our members or by experts in their field from around the world.

 FEAST Members pay $5  and  Non-members pay  $10 for  the recording of the webinar.

 FEAST Young Storyteller Members are entitled to join  webinars and access their recordings free of charge.  (Please  email  Sheila  at feaststory@gmail to ask  for the webinar links).


Ariyo Faridh Zidni guides you in fine-tuning your vocal skills with varied voice tones to bring life to the different characters of a story.    

Ariyo Faridh Zidni is the Director of the Indonesia Storytelling Festival and the leader of Ayo Dongeng, a national storytelling  movement in Indonesia. He is also a storytelling coach, teacher, trainer and a lecturer who teaches classes on storytelling at the University of Indonesia and guest lectures at many universities.


Roger with new pal!

Just one of you? ... Not really! Let's have a chat about increasing your repertoire with puppets.

FEAST Director ROGER JENKINS shares how you can use puppets and make them a lively, integral part of your telling.

  • What are the 4 essential tips for making your puppet come alive?
  • How do you give your puppet a distinct character
  • Not one, not two, but three different ways of using a puppet (speaking as a character in the story; as a storyteller themselves; and as your story partner, which can be so helpful in any kind of teaching context.
With just a little practice, Roger will have you confidently and creatively including puppets into your storytelling and using them to engage your young audiences.



Get positive support when four experienced professional storytellers share their experience of marketing their services as storytellers and developing a business, in this webinar.

Hosted by Roger Jenkins (Singapore) and featuring:

  • Aparna Athreya (Bangalore, India)
  • Deeptha Vivekanand (Chandigargh, India) 
  • Sheila Wee (Singapore)
  • Ariyo Faridh Zidni (Bogor, Indonesia)




Many children enjoy listening to stories, telling stories, reading stories, but too few enjoy writing them. Discover how you can harness that enthusiasm for stories and channel it into creative writing.

In this webinar, FEAST DirectorSheila Wee will show you how speaking, listening and reading activities can be woven into the writing process, to engage children in a holistic language learning environment that enhances children's creative writing.

                               STEPPING OUTSIDE THE STORY:                                        STORYTELLING IN THE CONTEXT OF LANGUAGE LEARNING

More than sixty per cent of human communication happens through stories! Students of all ages and levels love them and can start storytelling from elementary upwards if we let them!

What kind of activities tap into our students’ love for stories in order to move from teacher led storytelling to student communication? What effects can these activities have on presentations, pronunciation, writing, critical thinking, creative thinking, classroom management and much more?

This session presents practical ideas and activities around stories for all ages, which can also be adapted to listening and reading activities in class. Come ready to talk and improvise! Participants will get a handout with activities and stories

Rebecca Lemaire is a TEFL teacher, teacher trainer and storyteller. Her passion is to look into people’s eyes, and travel with them through stories whether in their first language or not. She uses storytelling in her English classes for primary, secondary and adult students and goes into schools to do storytelling workshops and sessions for students of English. She also works with the Hands Up Project, doing storytelling workshops online with Palestinian students. Rebecca trains teachers (primary and secondary) to use storytelling in their classes (British Council, the Department of Education of Catalonia, language academies, etc.)  For more about Rebecca please see  rebeccalemaire.wordpress.com 


This interactive webinar explores the power of tandem storytelling! Learn how working with a partner opens up a new world of flexibility in voicing, staging, and audience management. Explore ways to create your own tandem performance style by harnessing the unique talents of each teller. Drawing on two decades of experience as tandem tellers, Jen and Nat Whitman are full of tips and tricks to make your tandem telling shine.

Jen and Nat Whitman are the Whitman Tellers, tandem storytellers, educators and authors. For more info about the Whitman Tellers go to www.whitmantellers.com

Would You Like to Buy an E-version of  One of our Books for Only SGS$5?  


A FEAST OF STORIES  is a collection of 15 folktales from Asia devoted, appropriately enough,  to the theme of food.  The stories come from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea and Thailand.

You will find comic stories here, as well as participation tales - many of the stories are followed by tips from the teller, suggestions for actions or activities to do before or during your telling. Many of the stories are good for sharing values.

The contents page is attached below. 

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