Inaugural FEAST FEST 2021

  FEAST FEST - Frequently Asked Questions

    • I have a half term clash and am only able to commit to joining for one week out of the two weeks period of 15-31 October. If so, would it be advisable not to submit a proposal?   

We can schedule you in the week you can make it. Or  you can pre record  your session so it won't make a difference.

    • Is storytelling on a voluntary basis or will it be paid? If so, how? I had issues with payment through NLB and I would like to ensure that if I am to be paid an honorarium there will be no restrictions in terms of collecting it.

It is voluntary  for FEAST members - though there is a small grant that can be awarded  for non storyteller, or traditional storyteller collaborative partners.  We expect this to be  very competitive though so it is best not to count on it. 

    •  What do you mean by pre-recorded submission? Can I record a video on my phone? That's the only thing I know how to do or will you give instructions on how these need to be submitted. 

The  recording  needs to be of a professional standard.   It is possible to  do  good  quality recordings on phones with the correct lighting. But,  they would have to be fairly close up  unless you buy  an additional mic that that can take longer range. And the performances that work well on phones tend to be fairly close up and reasonably static. That doesn't sound like what you are planning.   Recording should be submitted  in a MP4 format. 
  • Do we need to restrict to tales of Asian origin ?
        Absolutely yes. The festival is intended to be a celebration of Asian storytelling.
  • Can we curate a session with audience interaction ?
       Yes. Just make sure time is allocated for this. your session must not run overtime.
  • Is it ok to decide on whether pre-recorded/live at a later point ?
       Please indicate this to us latest by June.
  • How can I volunteer at the FEST organization committee ?
       Please fill up the form here - VOLUNTEER SIGN UP.
  • Can one individual be a part of more than one group ?
       Yes absolutely. We will give feedback on how possibly we could structure the program. But yes you can participate in multiple groups
  • Can I give 2 different presentations with  different non storyteller ? And what funding will I receive ?
        In all likelyhood, FEAST would be able to support only one of your proposals. Subject to change. The cap on the funding is somewehre between $200 - $400 ( Singapore dollars ).
  • How can I apply ? If I am submitting multiple proposals , do I fill the form multiple times ?
Please submit a form seperately for each proposal. Please choose one of the following options in the form
I am an individual who wants to be a part of a group.
  • Can we mix pre recorded and live stortelling ?

While we would like this, unfortunately we have seen problems on ZOOM live  when we play prerecorded via ZOOM. It is a better option to do the blending of music and storytelling as a pre recorded presentation.

  • Is 60 minutes the maximum time for a presentation ?

The time of the showcase is upto you. However we encourage you to think about the mode of presentation- which is online. From a scheduling point of you we would like to put them into capsules of 1 hour and 30 min and so.

  • What do you mean by rough schedule ?

We would like to  understand what is the split up of your programme. How much time would each presenter/ artist have ?

  • What do you mean by the mother tongue stream ? Are you looking at regional stories ?

We do not really mean regional stories, that is upto you. FEAST however would like to encourage any Asian tale in your mother tongue. It is upto you whether you want to make it bilingual, or if you would like to make it polyglot. It will also work if you would like to give subtitles at the bottom.

  • Is there an upper of limit of people in a group ?

No. You are free to work with 20 tellers as well. However please think about the medium in which this is presented. If you would like to do a choral presentation with 20 persons, we would expect it to be a quality pre recording.

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