3rd Annual Storytellers' Conference

Feedback from our Previous Conference

From 2nd Annual Storytellers' Conference

 The friendly atmosphere and open mindedness of the speakers greatly helped me
to interact

- Merrin

Top 3 things I liked

a) Variety of Topics
b) Practical Approach
c) Great sharing Atmosphere

- Stefania

Good networking time
over tea and food.
Workshops spaced out

- Shivani Kanodia

Maybe next time, I would love to attend again

- Bobby Shakya

Impressed by :

1) Discipline

2) Well timed workshops

-Geethanjali Javed

Top things I liked :

a) All facilitators were approachable

b) Conference was organized well 

c) Love the appreciation scrolls and the Mandala idea

d) Authenticity

e)TIme managaement

f) Activities conducted

- Veena Vasanthakumar

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