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3rd Annual Storytellers' Conference


3rd Annual
Storytellers' Conference



  • 3rd Annual Conference , Jakarta


The Directors of Feast, in consultation with our host partners from the Indonesian Storytelling Festival, have sadly decided to postpone this year’s Storytellers’ Conference and to reschedule it for 8 – 9 November 2021. The Indonesian Storytelling Festival planned to run in conjunction with the Conference has also been postponed.  Apart from the obvious uncertainty about how long the covid-19 pandemic may continue, we are mindful of the fact that most storytellers are self-employed freelancers, whose income has taken – and will continue to take - a massive hit. Even assuming that the world starts to gradually return to pre-pandemic conditions in the third quarter, those tellers whose projects were postponed rather than cancelled, will be looking to the fourth quarter of 2020 to try to resume work and put something in their depleted financial pocket.

However we will not let the Conference go unmarked. We are planning to hold at least one story-swap, a webinar and to launch our third collection of Asian folktales of the theme of animals with a session that includes some contributors telling their stories live.

Our Logo: 

features silhouettes of MONAS, the National Monument in Jakarta, which celebrates Indonesia's road to freedom, and Borobudur, the UNESCO World Heritage Buddhist site close to Jogjakarta, whose design is inspired by the pilgrim's journey  to Nirvana.

Why The Journey?

We are adopting the metaphor of a journey    as a theme for the Conference.

  • it relates to our personal journeys as storytellers, 

  • every participant will chart their own course through the Conference and its workshops    (see the story below!)

  • FEAST itself is on a journey, and the Conference   is always travelling

However, we do not expect that every workshop will  tie explicitly to the theme! 

a story by architect Frank Lloyd Wright

An Uncle, a serious, respectable no-nonsense type, had taken him for a long winter walk through the countryside. After they’d crossed a large, snow-covered field, the Uncle told Wright to look back and compare their two tracks.

The Uncle pointed out how the boy’s footprints zig-zagged aimlessly from the trees, to the cattle, to the fence, to the spot where he’d been tossing sticks at a rock. Whereas the Uncle’s path was purposeful – straight across the field, direct to the gate.

“Set your goal and never lose sight of it! This is an important lesson you should never forget!” urged the Uncle.

“And I never did!” Wright added, “I made up my mind right there not to miss most things in life, as my Uncle had.”

adapted from Everyday Greatness (Reader's Digest)

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